Granny Square LOVE


I confess, the granny square fascinates me.

It is a slow-building affection that has been a long time coming, I think.
Blame Pinterest and all its wonderful, colorful images…thousands of gorgeous afghans in every color combination and square motif imaginable. I am undone.

I currently have several granny projects going. But first, a few don’ts. πŸ™‚

Don’t use your grannies in awkward clothing projects. There are a few cute patterns out there, but many are just plain frightening.

If you like any of the above clothing, my sincere apologies. I confess to rather classic taste, myself. So much so, that while I have tried several variations of colors lately, I have discovered a simple golden rule for ensuring a gorgeous granny every time…are you ready? Ta da…

…make the final round of each square THE SAME COLOR.

You don’t have to, certainly…but I am telling you, it just makes the blanket better. More visually appealing. Whatever. Personally, I get tired of using that much of the same color…but the end result is worth it. Here are a few of my favorites:

Edging in white:


Flowers, flowers, flowers…

Love this daisy pattern? Free here:
Or here:
Jewel tones, triad and monochromatic:



And some specialty squares…

The mitered granny:

And Circle of Friends (I just love this!)–

A little more about color:

I stumbled across a great color lesson recently, with fun visuals and helpful links, including a color combo and stripe generator!

Here is the blog:

And the online color tools:

Sooo, all of this to say that perhaps you remember my scrapghan from a few weeks back?

I confess, I did NOT have the space or time to lay mine out this neatly…

Nor this…

Truthfully, I had my sweet daughter hand me random circles as I crocheted. πŸ™‚ She enjoyed snuggling…I think I have perfected crocheting while a child lays on my arm. Not so easy, but they are getting used to the back and forth motion!


It is turning out much as I hoped. I am using a continuous join, but making strips of two rows each, so that I can arrange them at the end and avoid having similar colors too close together.

Update: two strips finished!

I am looking forward to playing with the newly discovered internet color tools during my freetime later this week! Happy crocheting!

6 thoughts on “Granny Square LOVE

  1. Wow, those granny square clothes are indeed interesting! It’s amazing how using the same color on the last round can change the look of a blanket, great observation. Your afghan is looking wonderful, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done! πŸ™‚

  2. Kathy

    Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration s and tutorials. I love the daisy afghan and I’m going to try it for my daughter. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Carol D

    Above, just below the beautiful daisy blanket is another in jewel tones which you mention. But the link does not lead to this specific blanket…that join is just beautiful! Is it just because of the contrast? I know the cream join with the darker jewel tones does stand out! It looks so different and pretty! would love to find a link to that join!

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