Fabulous Fall Leaf-Lovin’


I confess, I love autumn. And I love this week of autumn best of all. With my typical artist-narcissism, I am convinced the colors are just for me! So, in wishing myself a special bon anniversaire, here are some lovely fall pretties for you, and two tried and true FREE  patterns. ❤

Last week's gorgeous fall bouquet from a special banquet at our church. Didn't my friend do a lovely job? My table felt dressy all week long!

And a treasure of a surprise from another dear friend, who knows how I dearly love pumpkins! I consider them my personal vegetable, since this time of year brings them out in spades (to celebrate my personal holiday, of course? 🙂 )


Handblown by a local artisan…a gift I will cherish for a lifetime.
Now onto crochet!
As I have mentioned just once or twice before…I can be a bit particular about patterns…here are two I LOVE for their quality and simplicity.

The Maple Leaf by Redheart

I am working on a special project for a friend, and needed leaves…in pink camo 🙂

In addition to the written pattern, I believe there is also a YouTube tutorial for this one.
Love The Crochet Crowd!

And for a basic leaf…I couldn’t believe how hard this was to find…I tested dozens of free patterns and settled on this one as my favorite:


I look forward to sharing pictures of the completed afghan eventually…after stitching and gifting!

So there you are, my two favorites for clarity of design  and simplicity of instruction!

And a few more photo treats…
My favorite fall pretty, our litle copper pumpkin.

My comical candy corn… ha ha!

And my gorgeous fall tree friend, just across the way. I look forward to this stunning show every autumn! She is the first to turn and burn glorius color, and the prettiest tree on our street.

I had a little fun with the editing tools there…still learning to use those!
Happy, happy harvest!

Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge


I am up to my ears in diapers and damp burp clothes and so glad to take a moment away to think about crochet!

It has rained here since yesterday afternoon:

I found an odd hour yesterday to nearly finish my daughter’s star afghan.

I LOVE how simple these are! Free pattern here:

And the 12-point Spiderman version is fabulous! I would love to make one using this:

But my time is so limited…I am happy to finish this one.


Whenever things get terribly busy and we begin to run down, the first thing to go is that creative spark, don’t you think? Life has a way of beating us up a bit. So I was terribly pleased to find myself designing a marvelous new-to-me edge for this blanket, completely spur-of-the-moment! Babies and toddlers at my feet, tweens at their textbooks…and out it came.


I love it! And I want to share, it is so simple yet pretty– my favorite kind of pattern!


Here is a sample worked in three different colors to show the rows more clearly:

And here is the pattern:

Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge

Row 1: dc across
Row 2: sc in first st, trp in next, repeat across, ending with sc. The trp will “pop” out on the right side of your work.
Row 3: sl st in sc, work 3hdc in trp, repeat across.

To work a corner: sl st, then crochet 2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc in corner sp.

This edge can be adapted to finish any afghan or clothing item; it is just so simple and versatile. I love the texture!

Happy Tuesday! 😀
Next week…all about pumpkins!


Hodge Podge Mountain


Hello, hello, it’s Tuesday!

I have a mountain of crochet odds-n-ends piling up on my table and thought I would share some of my recent favorites. Most are a bit of an experiment, but I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction if you’d like to try something similar!

1) All About Lace
Baby dresses are pretty and fun to make. The recent weather change has me thinking of light fall cardigans, so I played with some pretty multi-colored yarn remnants and my favorite baby dress pattern


and altered it to include pretty lace instead of dc shells

My first try came out a little square, and not enough armhole room(!), but I love the lacey look.

2)Selfish Autumnwear
Then I thought I’d like a pretty fall shrug for myself? I hardly ever find the time! I adore the color changes in RedHeart Unforgettable and went for a simple rectangle as explained here:

I used a Czech chart for the stitch pattern, but dc, ch 1, instead of just dc for the shell (too heavy as written).

Here is the pretty result!


And figuring the sleeves with my trusty yarn stitch markers — I supose I could actually buy some real ones someday! 🙂


With three babies one and under during the schoolyear, it is uncertain when I will finish it, perhaps by next fall? 😀

And last but not least…

3) The Acorn Hat
I have this funny habit of seeing things on Pinterest and then misremembering them…
Last week I was in a bit of a rush to finish a gift for my nephew and decided he needed a warm winter hat. I had an end of superbulky brown left, but ran out before the hat was long enough! So I grabbed some homespun and tried an interlocking stitch I’ve seen around, then finished the brim with several rounds of sc. Success!

Here it is right side out…

And the super soft inside…

It is actually reversible, but I couldn’t resist a tassel…

Today in preparing to tell you about it, I googled:

interlocking crochet techniques stitches

Oh, my, if you’ve never seen it, you must take a look! There is a book of interlocking stitches available, and several designs on Ravelry, then pinterest and various projects! Gorgeous! My favorite is the antique brooch pattern.

A free zigzag potholder pattern and tutorial can be found here:

Well, that should do for now! The remaining two projects, both vintage, shall have to wait ’til another time. The fuzzy pet cozy as well, but if you’d like a sneak peak The Sparkly Toad is on Facebook and updating daily! 🙂

Have a lovely, lovely day. ❤