About Me


Hello, it’s so nice to see you! This blog is an effort to relieve the pressure in my head from the rainbow of ideas sparked by all of my co-creators in the Makers Movement that post to the world wide web. ❤

In real life, my name is Julie and I live in small town USA with my fabulous husband of nearly twenty years, four gorgeous, amazing daughters that keep outgrowing their pants, various birds, fish, reptiles, an amphibian and one fuzzy doggie.

My proper title would probably be housewife or homeschooling mother, but I was never one for the expected, so I have also worked as a chef, florist, preschool teacher, pastor, scrapbook salesman and retail cashier, just to name a few and keep things interesting!

I look forward to our visits and idea sharing! Blessings!



I see we are past due for an updated picture…they have grown!

Here they are this summer.


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a sweet looking family you have, you have great looking creations also, thank you for sharing both with us posting our creations, I haven’t seen any that are not great works of art. Sherry

  2. Vicki Maggs

    Hi from ‘Down Under’, Julie! What a treasure you are…..I have been searching and searching for a really solid granny square, and found it here! Thank you so much.
    You have a beautiful family of girls – I have a family of five boys! 🙂

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