Vroom, Vroom II: The Afghan


Remember the darling car diaper set? 

The sweet mother loved it so much she queried whether I would consider making an afghan to match. It was before Christmas, so I said I be delighted, after the new year.

I had a field day with the design. I do love that part of the process!

I wanted the grid look, but on steroids…So I started with this:


It was relatively simple and fun to make! Mine is slightly different from the pattern linked above, I sort of winged it. 🙂

Oh, dear, the picture is so dark…We had such a stretch of rainy gray days. All the better to crochet!

I love those playmats for little toy cars, you know the ones? 

My blanket needed a town. And a beach! I could see it in my head…But would the yarn cooperate?

Adding the sky worked out pretty well. So far so good!

A simple shell stitch in browns, then blues created a beach. Sigh. I could almost smell the salt air.

A few dozen ends, and the mat was complete! Now for the applique.

The first house!

Ends, ends everywhere…Time to sew!

And the finished product:

Success! At times like this I feel like a true artist and it feels so good.

Happy hooking!