Mais Oui


Hello and happy Wednesday-after-the-holiday!

We had a lovely weekend. It was an entire mini-vacation (I worked Friday but darling dear did not and you can bet I put him to work!) We had fun and got soooo much accomplished.

It makes me eager for summer…

I have two small sweets with birthdays fast approaching. Since my favorite crochet item is a little dress, well, does two-and-two-make-four?

My favorite little go-to dress is here:


and I started with one of those, but wanted to try something different for the second…so I went a-hunting on ravelry! I love that site…

I found the most amazing pattern…free, one skein, easy AND beautiful…it doesn’t get any better than that in my happy crochet world. I used Caron simply soft in light blue and my favorite (5mm) H hook.


I was tickled it is called a French Pop-Over Smock as I studied French at the university. 😀

The sleeves are a delight (and so simple!)


The triple v-stitch couldn’t be easier to work.


The edging is nearly the same as the other pattern…and one of my favorite things to make!


I love the pretty flower accent in the picture (on ravelry)…so of course I had to make one!

I have a love-hate relationship with flowers. Sometimes, and only sometimes, they turn out well for me.

But as I said, yesterday was a GOOD crochet day…not only did the pretty flower turn out, I designed it myself!


And here is the free pattern for your crochet pleasure.


Pretty Carnation Flower
Ch 36
1) Dc in 5th ch from hook (1st v-stitch made). *Sk st, dc-ch 1-dc into next st. Repeat from * across. Make v-stitch in last ch. Turn. (17 v-stitches)
2) Sl st into ch 1 sp. Ch 2, hdc 3x, ch 2, sl st all in same sp. Repeat twice. (3 hdc petals)
Sl st into ch 1 sp. Ch 3, dc 3x, ch 2, sl st into same sp. Repeat four times (5 dc petals)
Sl st into ch 1 sp. Ch 3, trp 5x, ch 3, sl st into same sp. Repeat eight times (9 trp petals)
17 petals total.
With hdc petals in the center, curl work into a spiral and sew to secure.



Lovely little dress! Merci mille fois for free patterns ❤


And happy hooking!


Break Lace Beautiful Join, Part II



Good Morning, lovelies! It’s that time again. 🙂

I have spent two days rather frantically redoing an earlier afghan.

While I absolutely love the look of the babylovebrand celtic lace join (read my previous post about that here: )

I found that the join would not lay nicely. I think I needed more chains in the corner. I ripped it all out and started fresh.

Since this is a gift for an upcoming event, I needed to finish sooner, rather than later, so I reworked my join and went with something simpler.


It still has the pretty crosses between squares! And a lovely lacy look…I did a round of granny in white (3dc in ea sp), then a round of v-stitch (dc, ch 2, dc) across with a (3dc, ch 2 3dc) in the corners.

The next round was a bit trickier, but ended up being a double v-stitch (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in the ch 2 sp, then a single dc in the next ch 2 sp, repeat across, then (3dc, ch FIVE, 3dc) for the corners.

For joining the squares I used a sc instead of the ch 2 in the v-stitch/shell to join to the ch 2 sp of the opposing square.

It’s working!

I can’t wait to finish joining and start playing with the edge. Something with wide, lacy shells, for certain.

Here are my happy piles of squares for joining:



Coming along…just 8 of 30 squares to go, as of this morning…



A close-up center shot…


and more pretty pink– I just love these six-colored granny squares! I have another project in mind involving TWENTY-round grannies, next 🙂

–stay tuned! And happy hooking 😀


Baby Boy Brilliance


Hello, Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Barring the holidays, for us this is the busiest week of the year. Local colleges finish up (making all my student and teacher friends a bit crazy), we have our dance recitals, final church and music programs for the school year…and this year a class trip to the ZOO with grandma, grandpa AND daddy, oh, joy!


It feels a bit luxurious to have delegated most of it. 😉

The eldest can drive herself to rehearsals. The middles can walk to their concert, and choose their own theme outfits, with minimal assistance– it’s a 70’s tribute, I understand.

I just need to make the meals and keep the littles out of trouble. So far, so good.

I am busy on a new project this week– has there been a week yet that I am not!?!  😉 My sweet neighbor is having her second baby boy.

I made these hats (and an afghan) for the first one:


Now a new baby is coming to the same nursery, and big brother has been moved out to his own room…so the same colors, and theme, but certainly we couldn’t do the same blanket!

It’s been a bit since I did a corner-to-corner, and I have seen some LOVELY striping patterns lately. I like the random, varying-width look, but am a bit short on time for dreaming and designing, so stuck with something a little more predictable.

Here is the basic pattern and a video tutorial:


Lovely limey green, navy and white. It’s a bit nautical, and very BOY.


Caron Simply Soft and my favorite 5mm H hook give it a nice soft feel.

Row counts are 5 rows of navy, then 4-2-4 of green/white/green or white/green/white, alternating. Marvelous effect!


I love the simplicity of working diagonally, although it does make me a bit dizzy at times. 🙂 I have to be careful not to lose my place when turning…


Such pretty striping. And it worked up rather quickly.


Just a couple hours to go. I’m thinking of edging in a few rows of single crochet stripes. Or perhaps no border at all. C2C is one of the few afghans that can look better without a border.


Enjoy your week! Mine will rather fly. Happy hooking. ❤

Everlasting Edging



A day in the life…


Hello and Happy Tues…er, Wednesday! It’s May. Those of you with dance recitals and awards banquets and class field trips know just what I am talking about. I’ve learned that when I flip the calendar from April that I shan’t take a breath ’til June.

And so it is.

Here is my latest lovely.

Isn’t it just the best (speaking as a highly creative person) when a customer says, “Make what you like, I know it will be great!”

Just my favorite kind of order!!!

So I got to spend several delightful hours browsing Pinterest, Ravelry and Google, ohhing and ahhing over whatever caught my eye.


The order was for a pretty, soft, not-pink baby blanket. YAY!

The pattern is simple and scrumptious, a fabulous combination, and can be found here:


It is SO, SO soft. I am using Bernat Baby Softee in yellow and a 5mm hook (my favorite). I used a 3.5mm at first, but the blanket was positively STIFF. It worked up like a cloud with the switch to the 5mm.


The color differences in the pictures are amazing, as I promise I took them just a few feet apart from each other.


Now about the edging…

It gave me some trouble. It was my own fault.

First, a row of sc to stabilize it.

Then some pretty shells (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) with a dc in between.


It looks nice here, doesn’t it? This picture got quite a few likes on the Facebook page. But really, it had a fatal flaw. See the slight bowing below? I was short about 30% of the stitches in the foundation row. Trying to ensure it lay flat, I overdid my stitch reduction, errrrgh.



So as much as I loved the edge, I ripped it all out, and redid it with three SC stitches per cluster instead of two.


I also wanted to add a ribbon weave. Have you seen those?


So pretty… now a row of HDC to lay the foundation for the weaving row.


I’m using #9 satin yellow ribbon. The row below is the one I will weave the ribbon through. It is a trphdc…have you ever heard of such a thing? The dc was too short for the ribbon width, but a trp was MUCH too tall for the soft, fine yarn. So I fudged a stitch in between! YO twice, insert hook and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops, YO and pull through THREE= TRPHDC

A little quirky, but the stitch is just right for my ribbon width.


I shall keep you updated. 🙂 I DO know how to tie a perfect bow. Perhaps I shall share my secret…

Have a blessed week, and a special blessing on all the mothers, past, present and future. May you have a lovely day.

Update: all finished and delivered!