Round and Round



I’m having more fun with my round grannies! Color inspiration struck and I’m playing with my yarn stash.

It started last time, with a granny in the round. It’s tricky to increase without waffling…that makes a ruffle and I want my grannies flat!

And then I discovered her fatal flaw…can you see it?


Only 11 DC in the first round! Ahhhhhhhh!

Fine for a single piece, but I was planning to square her off for an afghan….

So again I begin.

It’s a game:


Make one of round 1.

Then another one of round 1, and do round 2 of the first in the same color.

So much fun!

Planning to do nine rounds.

It will make a nice nine-patch afghan when squared off in white.


Brights only, in this one! I considered adding yellow but neither my stash nor the shop had the right hue. Next time.


Stash color fun is my favorite. Coordination is for exercise, not yarn. 🙂

Happy hooking!

Round to Square


Ah , fall. You were nice while you lasted. I think it was about 36 hours.


Now we are drowning in rain (again), trying to be thankful the temperature is above freezing.


I’ve nearly given up that I will ever crochet again. It is a very different season from the one in which this blog began. But I found a few spare hours recently, and once again lost myself in making something beautiful.


Here is the free pattern:


I love using up scraps almost as much as I love burst after burst of glorious color.


This one shall be for me.

When I finish it someday. 😉


Happy crocheting!