Autumn Beauty


I confess, I’ve started another project…

No, I didn’t finish any of the others, yet. 😉

It’s just that I had the most brilliant idea for a glorious autumn afghan. So of course I had to try it before I forgot…

I actually took apart separate sections from another old project…it was sitting there looking at me. I decided I didn’t like it and it had to go. Besides, I needed those exact colors for this one!

You can see those mitered squares (from before I unraveled a few) here:

Don’t worry, there are lots left! Who knows what else I might decide do with those eventually…

This design began with a picture I saw on the internet, of course. Pretty pretty daisies in a mitered granny. It was easy to make!

The hardest part was deciding whether to make the centers of the flowers all the same color? 

It was a yes. And then the colored rows…same, or different? Two, three or four colors? I hope you like what I decided!

The same center, subtle color variations in a pretty autumn range of tones. Beautiful colors for a special October baby to be. ❤

I got to work making the squares, fall comes quickly here!

Then came my favorite part, laying them out.

This way? Or that?

I studied several photos to determine what I like so well about this particular design…and decided it’s the border.

The white makes it color so beautifully.

Halfway done, but I need to get busy on another long-legged amigurumi. This one will be a monkey!

Until next time! Happy crocheting.

Bed of Roses I


I’ve been making the bed!

This lovely, silvery gray is a dream to work with and the photos don’t do it justice. Caron Simply Soft in gray heather and my favorite H5mm hook.

I started with an old pattern I dug up, sc/hdc/DC in each stitch.

It makes a fun texture.

I chained 90 or so to start, and it is just a little blanket, maybe crib or stroller size? Perfect for my new niece, due to arrive in October!

Now to work on the edging…

I am adapting a chart and the corners will be a bit of a trial, I think. We’ll see!

Wish me luck!

The days are hot, but we are nice and cool in our newly repaired air conditioning. And we have spent many a lovely afternoon at the beach! Autumn is breathing down our necks, even if it is ninety degrees during the day.

Happy crocheting!