Spring Longing


Happy Tuesday!

We are still in a deep freeze here in the part of the country. I am grateful for the beautiful sun, but the little ones and I are quite house-bound, as it is only 1ºF. Brrrrr!

Still we are dreaming…longing…hoping for spring! It can’t be too far off…

So today we made…bunnies! And a few other spring creatures for our class treat later today.

I used two of my old standbys: the Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe

and MARSHMALLOW fondant.

I just love making fondant from an old half-bag of marshmallows with a couple tablespoons of water! Cheap, sweet, and it works up like play dough, perfect for little ones.

To cut the stickiness, we rub a little shortening on our hands, then dust with powdered sugar.

My sweet older girl wanted to make a bunny cake, so here he is:

And all his little friends! Enjoy!


Here’s hoping warmer

weather is right around the corner!

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