Jingly the Christmas Elf


I’m always so pleasantly surprised when a project turns out. You would think I might have more confidence in my skill at this point, wouldn’t you? Ah, but you haven’t seen the totes-full-of-failures in my basement, now have you? This blog is a bit like Facebook, just the best ten percent of my successful work.And here is today’s featur:e

My darling girl said we needed an elf. I’ll save my anti-Santa rant and dislike of the threatening-repeating parent (cf. Love n Logic) for another blog, or even another lifetime…Let’s just say our elf is NOT a spy. 🙂

So the elf. We perused Amazon, Pinterest (holy hilarious antics!) and, as usual, I found my answer on ravelry. Love that site.

Here’s the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/elf-on-the-shelf

I thought PINK, but my sweet girl wanted red. So it began.

Fortunately, I had some cute colored eyes left over from an Etsy order I placed eons ago! I really like the blue.

We began the hair.

One of my favorite parts of the pattern is the white picot collar! I decided to use it on the hat also, instead of leaving it plain.

Added a little pink mouth, and began to sew…I used a needle to separate the strands of yarn and give her pretty curly locks.

Decided I REALLY liked the picot collar and added trim to the sleeves as well. 🙂

Then, she sat in waiting for a week or two. It gets busy this time of year!

Finally, I found the time, and motivation, to stitch on those cute, skinny arms and legs.

And she was darling!

At my daughter’s request, I even found time to make her a little baby elf friend. 

The hair is a bit comical, and she didn’t like the eyes, so perhaps I will redo those…

But still, cute n all!

Have a blessed week-before-Christmas, and may you be surrounded by much love, now and always.

Happy hooking!

Ordinary Miracles


‘Tis the day before Thanksgiving.

The bird is ready.

The school speeches have been made.

Grandmother’s table is set…

…with the other grandmother’s ceramic turkey.

My chicks will soon all be home to the nest and I am deeply content.

So at peace, in fact, that there is nothing left to do this drizzly day but put some yarn on my hook and crochet the afternoon away. ❤


For a fun crochet Tom turkey, see this previous Thanksgiving post:


Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed, tomorrow and always.

Hurray for Hats


It’s been a busy season of crochet here!

I’ve a lot accomplished, which feels so good.

The giant grannies blanket is finished but for those pesky ends, and so is the Autumn Beauty.

I’ve needed a few quick gifts, and one thing led to another, until I found I’d made a half-dozen hats in just under a week!
First, a couple of Minnies for some sweet preschool girls.

Then a matched set for a new little mister and his proud big brother!

And finally, by request, a pair of penguins for my youngest and her friend.

Too much fun. Simple to make, especially with the well-written pattern:


The above link is for the puppy. The Minnie is also available and I just “wing-ed it” for the penguins. Two circles and a triangle make the penguin the easiest of the three, in my opinion!
What clever holiday gifts, too.

Now back to work for me. I’ve started a new blanket this week already.

Soft floral and earthy tones mean her title must be My English Garden. She’ll have a granny center, but who knows where the rest will lead? 

I’m thinking she wants for tiny diamonds next.

We shall see! Happy hooking!

Wacky Wednesday, Again?


How can it be Wednesday?

Pretty sure the weekend was here just a minute ago… anyone else feel like it takes half a week to catch up after a full, busy, family weekend?

I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it is nice to have a quiet moment to think, again.

This week’s feature is an update on a long-ago project: my giant granny squares! 

I was inspired by a picture…of course. I’ve seen twelve- and fifteen- round granny square afghans on Pinterest, and set out to make my own. Just for kicks, I’m going for twenty rounds!

Here they are at fifteen-

It’s a great was to use scrap yarn, at least in the beginning. And I only need nine squares to fit a double bed!

After many hours, and a fun sort of binge marathon a couple weeks ago where I pretty much crocheted about eight hours straight… I’m down to the last rounds.

I have a big skein of soft white for the joining. I’ll do a join-as-you-go to minimize sewing, sinceas you know, that’s my least favorite part!

It’s a gloomy sort of day. Perfect for crochet.

To see this project from the beginning, click here 🙂


The weekend weather was exceptionally nice for this time of year.

Here is my sweet girl passing out treats.

And here is a throwback to six years ago when they were all so cute on Halloween! They do grow quickly.

Happy crocheting! And happy November. ❤

That Hat


T’was the village festival this weekend!

It amuses me that every village has one. Our longing for notoriety has no limit, o hubris.

We enjoyed our miserly treats, having only pennies to spare. One child bought a trinket, another played the arcade alley, winning this:

The wayfare of crafts and wares had one lone crafter, her knitting and afghans displayed for all to see. I admired her work, as did my companions, when suddenly child three exclaimed, “That hat! Oh, I love it, can you make me one?”

And you, dear reader, can already guess my answer. 🙂

But, of course.

It was the work of a few hours, and very pleasant work, to freehand a lacy green cap with button. Simple, with a v stitch and just enough yarn!

I have made enough hats to manage without a pattern, now. My rule of thumb is about five rounds of increase, if working a double-crochet stitch height, then stop the increase and crochet the same number of stitches around for another five or so rounds. Single crochet about three rounds for a band, to finish.

She wanted a beanie, so I made it a bit longer.

I would have done more, but that was all I had for yarn!

She then kindly aceeded to my request for a model. In fact, she did the following photo shoot entirely in her closet. 😀

My talented girl. Enjoy!

O Happy, Full Days


An Ode to the First Week of School:

I would have crocheted on Wednesday, but I started my new position at work.

I would have crocheted on Thursday, but that was the day we took my firstborn to college.

I would have crocheted on Friday, but my in-laws asked us to lunch, and then the dishwasher broke and flooded the kitchen.

I would have crocheted on Saturday, but there was the incident with the wasp’s nest and weed wacker. Not to mention the machete. And those cursed walnut trees.

I would have crocheted on Sunday, but my third baby had the stomach flu, which she received as a gift from the second baby last week.

Monday was a holiday, certainly I could have crocheted then! But my sweet husband asked me along on his scuba diving outing, so we took baby four to the beach for the day.

And today? Well, today I paid the bills and did the grocery shopping and broke the washing machine (it IS rather old and has served us many years, much the same as the dishwasher) just in time to write this and head off to work. Perhaps

I will be able to crochet tomorrow. 🙂

Unless baby four decides to have the flu, next. She did say her tummy rather hurt as she headed off to school today. ❤

I am so thankful for my many blessings: a full heart and house that keep me from free time is nothing to complain about, that is certain.

Until next time! May YOU have time to crochet. 

Bed of Roses I


I’ve been making the bed!

This lovely, silvery gray is a dream to work with and the photos don’t do it justice. Caron Simply Soft in gray heather and my favorite H5mm hook.

I started with an old pattern I dug up, sc/hdc/DC in each stitch.

It makes a fun texture.

I chained 90 or so to start, and it is just a little blanket, maybe crib or stroller size? Perfect for my new niece, due to arrive in October!

Now to work on the edging…

I am adapting a chart and the corners will be a bit of a trial, I think. We’ll see!

Wish me luck!

The days are hot, but we are nice and cool in our newly repaired air conditioning. And we have spent many a lovely afternoon at the beach! Autumn is breathing down our necks, even if it is ninety degrees during the day.

Happy crocheting!