Darling Slippers


Welcome to January. The weather has been typically erratic. Unseasonably mild turned bitter and hostile winds in 48 hours. Just the usual.

Something sweet to warm my heart and spirit: a dear friend lost her mother not too long ago, and in sorting her things, found a variety of pattern pamphlets and leaflets. Was I interested in them? But of course!

Her condition? I make her something.

That was an easy one! She mentioned mittens, but that pattern was knit, and I am not (yet) bi-stitual, though I hope to someday be…

The next set of patterns included this one: slippers in all shapes and sizes!


Now, if you’ve been here a while, you know I rarely use a pattern that isn’t free. But in this case, well, it was free to me!

Now this dear lady, she loves her football. When asked about a color she’d like, she replied, the Detroit Lions, of course! And I was happy to comply.


Aren’t they just adorable? I used the flower slipper pattern, and just added  little lion instead of a flower. 🙂 Too cute!



It was a happy day when she received them. Not just cute slippers in her favorite team colors, but in loving memory of her mother.

The ‘Toad was happy to oblige.

May your hearth be warm and your yarn soft.

Happy hooking!

Until next time.



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