Glorious Mini Rings


Glorious is the word for it. Sultry summer days, long and lazy. Cool a/c and family movie nights. Weeks of camp, and camping, and just plain family time. Lots of it.

It’s almost too hot to crochet. Only almost!

I’ve been meandering around multiple projects and finishing nothing.

But it’s nice to have the time to enjoy it!

I did finish this little gem today.

She’s Frank O’Randle’s Mini Rings of Change, a free pattern on Ravelry.

Here’s the link:

The baby nursery colors were lavender and green, lovely! But I couldn’t resist adding the aqua and coral. They are just too trendy right now. I love this quadruple brights combination.

The pattern is a delight. Easy to follow, just challenging enough to keep my interest, and a lovely, lacy look (which is my favorite, as you know!)

In other fun, my daughter had a special day of sewing with a dear friend, and finished her darling monkey quilt top. Now to find a backing!

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am mine.

I shall have dozens of nearly-completed projects to show by this fall; I look forward to sharing them with you. ❤

Happy summer! And happy crocheting.