Giant Granny Goodness


I saw something not too long ago that I simply had to try.

Large granny squares– sewn into an afghan.

It was made by a talented designer, with fancy yarn, in marvelous earth tones, but the basic concept delighted me- giant grannies!

Compared to a typical 4-5 round granny afghan, there will be less joining– I will make nine squares– although the ends sewn will still  be numerous, as of course I must change color every round.

I love color!


And as I must also put a twist on everything I make, I started with circles. 🙂






This is a scrap-ghan…which means I am using all kinds of bits and pieces from my current yarn stash, not purchasing new, although as my rounds get larger I require more and more of a skein to complete them. Eventually I will be forced to pick up a few final colors to complete it. Yarn shopping(!), oh, how sad… 😉


I see that I forgot the cardinal rule of granny squares (I was making these rather late at night last week and was distracted for various reasons), which is to TURN your work after each round or your granny square will begin to show the dreaded, “granny twist.”

It isn’t too late. I shall start flipping them over and work alternating sides for the rest of the rounds. I believe I am on number nine? Going for twenty, unless they start to get too big.


I’ve gathered several of my random unassigned skeins of yarn into a tote for easy pickings. Makes for easier clean up, too, when the little ones are coming by.



If you prefer a more uniform theme or specific color design, I recommend a marvelous free web tool– the granny square pattern generator:

I have had far too much fun with it– on more than one occasion 😀 …so many options! You can choose dimensions (by number of squares), number of colors, infinite color shadings…the possibilities are endless. I especially liked using it to vary the light and dark tones to see how that changed the overall look. I would think it would be very helpful for quilters that way, too.


And, just for fun, as I missed you last week (all of my cameras were dead or AWOL and what is a crochet blog without pictures?), a sneak peek at my cutest little 4th of July project– the popover smock, done Star-Spangled Banner style!



For the dress pattern, see here:

Such a lovely, lovely day. The children have been to the park and are now in the pool…I shall grab myself a bit of yarn and hook it ’til dinnertime.


Happy Tuesday!

Fantasy Flora



Hello and Happy Thursday!

It s the last week of school, here. My nieces and nephew are already out and have arrived for the summer. The school year babies are still here, as their parents are finishing up in the classroom– it makes for a busy week!

My spring pretties are at their peak in our various gardens, making this the week of my obligatory annual Look at My Pretty Flowers  post. I don’t have much in the way  of summer or fall flowers, but oh, I have them in the spring!

Beats me what this one is called, but it grows in all my gardens. If I liked yellow better, I’d be happier about it…


Here is my favorite, the classic purple iris; a little insider secret, these are scented! Part of the reason they are my favorite. 🙂


Daughter #2 is garden-master this year, as I have not had a spare moment. Remember the seed starter kit? She planted them in the ground faithfully and has even weeded, once! Here is her squash.


My wisteria bush is one of the joys of my existence. Oh, how I love this color.


These beautiful two-toned ladies were a surprise…brand new this year and oh, so pretty! They must have been in that packet of bulbs from the school fundraiser. Gorgeous, gorgeous irises!




It is the simple things in life. I love my yarrow, I love how it grows against the rock in an otherwise weed-free lawn, just brushing the road. It probably isn’t pretty to anyone else, but it is to me. ❤ Give me wildflowers over overdone hothouse bouquets, any day.


And my young bridal veil bush…still small, but gaining ground and blooming away…


More irises…my gorgeous burgundy ones…



And last, but not least, the peonies are out! My white ones, anyway. The dark pink are still a day or two away from bloom.


Not just flowers, but friends…many were gifts from friends…cuttings from other gardens, gifts to mark an occasion…

My yard is full of blooms from my childhood, and many happy memories.

Happy Thursday! We resume our regularly scheduled crochet posts next week. 😀