Polka Dot Giddy


I hate painting walls. Can’t, actually, in the middle of winter. The odor would flush us out of doors. Too cold to open all the windows. And I love yellow. And teddy bears. So when the tiny fourth daughter made little noises about updating her “babyish” room, I turned a deaf ear.

Until I heard this word: polka dots.

She saw she had my attention…and pressed the advantage. Just a few, she wheedled. Maybe pink? And I thought, sure. Why not?

A plastic dinner plate and three $.98 bottles of acrylic later, we have fun color!

And the short people were delighted, especially when they were allowed to help. 🙂

Roughing them in…

Daddy jumped in so I could whip up a batch of biscuits for supper.

The expectancy in that sweet little face!

And the moment of triumph! Finished!


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