A Dip in the Pool


Hello, my friends, and come join the fun!

I have succumbed to the insanity that is planned pooling.

If you are like me, as a crocheter I found variegated yarn to be lovely, but annoying. If I tried to combine it with pretty solids for a project, it never quite matched. And used alone, the mishmash of color was often, well, overpowering.

No more! I have learned of its secret, and I will never despise variegated yarns again.


Be amazed…I was! 🙂

Knitters have known this for years. In fact, here is a snapshot from an old chart, showing the possible color pools from the same yarn with varying stitch counts.

Wow! Of course, I had to try it. My first move? Join a Facebook group or two and learn from my peers. I recommend this one:


Planned Pooling with Crochet

Great group, lots of laughter and shared frustrations as we all tried to make our yarn cooperate. 

For your amusement, here are my first attempts: 

You can see I am close! But it is not the perfect argyle. I was using the method described here: 

But I wanted more…with a little luck, and plenty of determination, I achieved this with my second skein:

Argyle! There she is!

And a little longer:

Success. Sweet accomplishment.

Of course then I had to try ALL my yarns!

I’m glad I have such a large stash of partial skeins. :

And my favorites:

And there you have it. Planned pooling, in a nutshell. For an in-depth description of just how to do this yourself, I suggest:

She also has a YouTube video. Love those!

More next time. Happy Crocheting!