Dino Dash


I love making baby gifts.

I think the hardest part is waiting to post photos of the beautiful blankets– after all, it wouldn’t do to give the mama-to-be a sneak peek, even accidentally.

So this colorful creation was made last winter…when we had that dratted April snowstorm that nearly did us all in with waiting for spring.

More self-striping yarn (for even more pretty colors, see last week’s post), and this marvelous pattern:


This is my third blanket or so in this pattern and each one turns out so differently! I love playing with color.

For example, I made this one to match the nursery colors- exactly!



This time, I let the yarn wander as it will. It was a dinosaur theme, and I love that the blanket looks a bit like a volcano, or perhaps the sun, at the dawn of time.


Just beautiful. I love the colors, don’t you? The variety of stitches in the pattern show them off to maximum effect.

And a fun sneak peek to a future blog: I’m already making another, this time in a lovely cream…the monochrome is gorgeous too!

Happy hooking! Autumn is nearly upon us and I am dreaming of cozy crochet time on crisp autumn nights. See you soon!

Sunny Summer days


Ah, happy summer. Filled with swimming and sweating, treats and crunching snacks, sibling spats and sudden sweetness and just plain family TIME.

My favorite things.

I’ve crocheted just a little, after a nice long break to regain my bearings and rest my hands and head.

The self-striping mandala yarns –that are all the rage– proved too, too tempting and I found myself the owner of several mismatched shades. Who can resist those glorious colorways?


The challenge with one skein is always the dreaded question: but will it be enough?

I promise, with my favorite quick work-ups, it is. For this I used my go-to favorite toddler pattern, the French Popover. Find the link here:


I hope you are enjoying our warm days and summer season as well, or whatever your weather may be this time of year. Happy hooking!