That Hat


T’was the village festival this weekend!

It amuses me that every village has one. Our longing for notoriety has no limit, o hubris.

We enjoyed our miserly treats, having only pennies to spare. One child bought a trinket, another played the arcade alley, winning this:

The wayfare of crafts and wares had one lone crafter, her knitting and afghans displayed for all to see. I admired her work, as did my companions, when suddenly child three exclaimed, “That hat! Oh, I love it, can you make me one?”

And you, dear reader, can already guess my answer. 🙂

But, of course.

It was the work of a few hours, and very pleasant work, to freehand a lacy green cap with button. Simple, with a v stitch and just enough yarn!

I have made enough hats to manage without a pattern, now. My rule of thumb is about five rounds of increase, if working a double-crochet stitch height, then stop the increase and crochet the same number of stitches around for another five or so rounds. Single crochet about three rounds for a band, to finish.

She wanted a beanie, so I made it a bit longer.

I would have done more, but that was all I had for yarn!

She then kindly aceeded to my request for a model. In fact, she did the following photo shoot entirely in her closet. 😀

My talented girl. Enjoy!

O Happy, Full Days


An Ode to the First Week of School:

I would have crocheted on Wednesday, but I started my new position at work.

I would have crocheted on Thursday, but that was the day we took my firstborn to college.

I would have crocheted on Friday, but my in-laws asked us to lunch, and then the dishwasher broke and flooded the kitchen.

I would have crocheted on Saturday, but there was the incident with the wasp’s nest and weed wacker. Not to mention the machete. And those cursed walnut trees.

I would have crocheted on Sunday, but my third baby had the stomach flu, which she received as a gift from the second baby last week.

Monday was a holiday, certainly I could have crocheted then! But my sweet husband asked me along on his scuba diving outing, so we took baby four to the beach for the day.

And today? Well, today I paid the bills and did the grocery shopping and broke the washing machine (it IS rather old and has served us many years, much the same as the dishwasher) just in time to write this and head off to work. Perhaps

I will be able to crochet tomorrow. 🙂

Unless baby four decides to have the flu, next. She did say her tummy rather hurt as she headed off to school today. ❤

I am so thankful for my many blessings: a full heart and house that keep me from free time is nothing to complain about, that is certain.

Until next time! May YOU have time to crochet.