Pretty Poinsettias Plus {{30 Days of Christmas Crochet Cuteness}}


I know. Christmas, for many of us, is over. My husband said the other day he was soooo ready for the radio station to return to the non-holiday playlist. I had to bite my tongue, and just nod sympathetically…I could happily listen to Christmas music year round. Yes, I know this is odd…I think that might be the best part of turning forty and aging gracefully…I don’t worry so much anymore.., about the shoulds! Much more interested in what is, or might be…

So, a last hurrah, before tucking away the garlands and glitz of the season. Lots of fun winter designs coming up: hats galore, mittens, boot cuffs, pretty scarves…and it’s never too early to start those sweet spring designs, either. Pinterest has already started trickling them onto my feed. But for now, one of my favorites

1) Poinsettia, the Christmas flower.

Ooo, love this one over at Ravelry. It reminds me of rabbit ears:


Thank you to June Gilblank for the free pattern.

2. I looked longingly at pretty Christmas afghans throughout the holiday season as I bustled with my business orders…here is my favorite. It can also be done in non-Christmas colors for a stunning motif in any season. School or sport colors wound be neat as well.

Homecoming Queen of Bullions Square

3. A holly leaf over at Pinterest I have been dying to try…I might try my hand at a Christmas wreath for next year…

Crochet Holly and Berries - Chart  ❥ 4U // hf

4. And dear Lucy’s pattern over at Attic 24, one of my favorite places to visit…

4. A lovely tree skirt from Red Heart…

Crochet Tree Skirt

5. And a marvelous lacey scarf from Ravelry in Caron Simply Soft. I would make this with plain white squares in between, I think, as an afghan, I do notice the flower blankets can be a bit overpowering when every square is a bursting bloom! Placed in a checkerboard pattern with simpler squares in between the effect is more balanced and– stunning.


6. Now something a bit simpler: granny squares! The same pretty flora look, without the complication of shaping petals.

Phew, that will be enough flowers for a while! Onto something yummier later in the week: Gingerbread hooking!

And then we will break out the winter designs, dreaming of spring…have a lovely day! We will be trying to stay warm, here, with temperatures well below zero the next few days.

That’s What Little Girl Dreams Are Made Of


We saw FROZEN yesterday! Yes, it was amazing. The music was beautiful, and the color design extraordinary. I fell in love with the Scandinavian motifs throughout. I look forward to crocheting and embroidering inspired new designs!

After the movie, we stopped at our local retailer to pick up some shiny blue fabric…

And embarked on a craft adventure. I am relatively new to sewing…I have a quilt and about a half dozen small purses to my credit. And with the holiday crochet madness, my sewing machine has been quite ignored. Until today!

A year or so ago, a friend of a friend– who just happened to have a bridal shop!– passed on to me a dozen discontinued wedding and bridesmaid dresses. I was thinking of making hand-dyed satin rosettes for hair and clothing accessories. Still am! Someday…but in the meantime, two or three of the dresses have been cut down and altered (by me, just guesswork!) to make pretty princess playdresses.

We pinned the sides while she had it on, then removed her from the dress 🙂 and sewed along the pin line. I used a piece of sleeve to hide where I cut off  the top edge. For the bottom edge, I trimmed it short in front, leaving a rounded train in back.  I used the sequined edge of a stole for front embellishment, just sewing it on the sides.

So my little helper and I spent a pleasant couple hours before I had to go to work making the ice queen’s dress…at least in as much as this mom could manage!

She likes it…when I got up this morning she had it on already, again. Ah, it’s the little things, truly. Simple family life for me, over the rest of the world, any day.

Update: we added a wig!





This fun little piece has been a three year process. I put it away for months at a time, then would change my mind about the design, then run out of a certain color and not have the cash to buy more…it’s been an adventure!

The rainbow squares were inspired by the colorful personality of it’s recipient, and the bright, pixel look by the video games of the 80’s we like to reminisce about to ease the monotony at work.

The pompom edge was a flash of inspiration during the last stages of edging, you can find the link here:

Love that edge! And it was easy, too.

Merry Christmas!