Bursting Blooms Flower Mandala- free pattern


Here is the pattern I created from a picture I saw…I will make a pic tutorial of the tricky parts when the children are back in school, really!

Rnd 1: with first color, dc 12 in magic circle. Finish off.
Rnd 2: with next color, sc, ch 1 around. Finish off.
Rnd 3: with third color, sc, ch 2 around. Finish off.
Embroider crochet into first round with yet another color of your choice.
Rnd 4: Join petal color in any ch-2 sp. Ch 3, then crochet 4 dc in same to make first shell. *Sc in next sp. 5dc in next ch-2 sp. Repeat from * around. Sc in final ch 2 sp. Join with sl st to first ch 3. Finish off.
Embroider crochet in rnd 4 to create petal-shaped outline.

Weave in ends.

Here is a video of how to embroider or surface crochet:



Please add corrections or suggestions in the comment section, thank you!

8 thoughts on “Bursting Blooms Flower Mandala- free pattern

  1. Ana Carolina

    Hello! I’ve found your blog this week and I’m enchanted by this flower, I’m gonna try it right now!! Thanks for sharing the pattern! ❤ Did I miss the pic tutorial of it?! I would be great!
    My best wishes,

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