Fab, Fab, Fabulous Fourth of July!


Summer! We’re in full swing around here. Holiday vacation looms, and I couldn’t resist featuring a collection of Fourth of July cuteness on today’s blog.

Just a week before the Fourth of July! The stars-n-stripes patterns abound. Make one as written, or adapt the color scheme to reflect any season, even your favorite sports team!

Fabulous Fourth Pillow

I love this sofa pillow! Display it all summer, from Memorial to Labor Day, or make one for your favorite veteran, anytime. Free pattern link below.



Luscious Old Glory Afghan

I have seen bunches of pretty flag afghans cropping up on facebook and pinterest recently…my opinion? Keep it simple. ♡ Here’s one from Lion brand:


Or if you are a granny square fan, like I am, you can do it this way!


Beach Bum Bag-aliscious

I am dying to crochet some of the great summers bags I have seen lately! Here’s one in a patriotic ripple.



Sweet Summer Sandals and Slippers

Oh, the baby shoes! So darling!

Here is a link to a free pattern that is similar…just change the colors!


And again…just make them red, white and blue. ♡

Super Stars

If you are like me, you can make crochet flag stripes, maybe, without a pattern. But the stars? Not so much. Here are two helpful links for applique stars:





There you have it! Happy summer! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday as much as we are. oxox

Summer Fun and Triple the Afghans


I love these days! This one has a cooking class and basketball, that one is off to camp…another has baseball and of course there is lots of time for fun in the pool when the weather is glorious, too hot for me but perfect for a pool party.

I am busy making three afghans for a friend…I have two weeks left before I see her, and REALLY hope I can finish in time. I kept the designs simple in hopes of completing all three during this busy season!

Afghan #1:

C2C (Corner-to-corner)


This is a fun, easy stitch worked diagonally. Since it is for a little girl, I am planning a lacey border.

If written patterns aren’t your cup of tea, there are several good video tutorials out there also.

Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan Project – YouTube




Afghan #2:

Just A Granny Square

This one is simply a giant granny square. I join at the end of each round, ch 3, dc 2 for the first cluster, and off I go again. I had fun choosing the colors! See the funky twist? I had no idea it would do that…I read up on it afterward and discovered the remedy is simple, just turn your work every round and crochet the opposite direction. I rather like it this way…so you can do as you prefer! This one comes with a little friend–an amigurumi tiger– if I can manage!
I’ll use my favorite Little BigFoot pattern for that:


Afghan #3:

Drop In The Pond


I love the look of this pattern, and couldn’t wait to try it out! I have a bit to go yet, but I’ll get there.This one will have an accompanying penguin friend, too. For that I will use a simple crochet egg pattern and add embellishments. 🙂


Here is a picture of a finished one by craftycreativekathy@wordpress.com:

Off to hook! So many fun projects, so much fun in the sun to be had!
After nine months of winter…it’s about time…

Pretty Japanese Irises on our family hike last week.
Have a lovely day!

Summertime Baby Dress– Our Darling Charlotte


I have been saving something special for this week’s blog!

A crochet and fabric toddler dress…I am not the best seamstress, but it turned out! And all in an afternoon.

Summer is so different from the school year. Last week I had diapers and babies and quiet time during naps, and this week it is older children and meals and roving adventures to the local park…

I love it all, but I have been fretting about the change. The good news is it has been much smoother than I expected! I think I shall enjoy our summer after all.

So the dress. We have been minding the sweetest baby the last six months. Really. Her parents are delightful, and she is just precious. Her time with us was coming to an end (at least until fall), and I so wanted to make her something handmade for her first birthday, which is today!

I was so pressed for time, the final week of the school year, but here it is:


Using some pretty self-striping cotton yarn, I crocheted a granny square bodice and chose fun coordinating fat quarters to make the skirt.


I calculated the approximate width for the skirt (44″) and sewed it in 4-inch strips.


I knew I wanted to gather it, so I doubled the width, but I think I should have tripled it, even, for more fullness. Next time.


I then pinned the bodice to skirt and sewed away!


It really came together nicely. I had seen several cute ones on Pinterest, and though my time limited my efforts, it is darling. ♡


And she liked it! Sweet baby.
Happy birthday, Charlotte!




Happy hooking!

Engaging Entrelac and Shots of Spring


I’m early this week! My Tuesday post shall be written Sunday evening. There is a reason for this…

It is the last week of school!
Summer madness begins shortly. This happens every year.
I draw a breath, dive into the season, and when I break surface, it will be September, if I am lucky. If not, it will be next November, and mid-holiday rush. Or even June, again, a whole year gone.

Time is so inconsistent! And family life so full. I’d not trade it for the world. And how I wish it kept the precious moments longer. But so it is.

I dearly want to show you my pretties! They are so terribly late this year, by several months! Irises, my favorite. Gifted from the previous owner and another dear neighbor.


I am so thankful they survived out record cold. My pretty rose bushes did not.

And now my new trick! I have been longing to try entrelac crochet. Sometimes called tunisian. To my delight, it wasn’t hard at all. I experimented with several versions this past week. Here are a free tutorial and patterns:

Crochet Crowd –Entrelac Video


Here are my first rounds in-the-round:

And here by row:

It was fun to experiment with the different angles of the squares. And easy! I made one or two rows too many times quite often, and had to pull out my work! Ooo, i just had an IDEA about that! Stripes…instead of squares! Hmmm, I will have to see if that works.

Stay tuned! And have a lovely week.