Second Succulent Sophie


Hellooo and happy Tuesday!

I am a little later than usual today. 🙂

I had an adventure with my tablet…been meaning to learn how to move pictures ftom my gallery to an SD card…well, today I was forced to do so as I had so little space left my WordPress ap couldn’t update! Too many pictures = no blog.

So I went on a little adventure and decluttered and moved photos. Some to Shutterfly, some to the SD (some to both!) and then pitched a few as well…I confess I didn’t delete nearly as many as I probably should. Feeling too sentimental for that.

I did free up half my memory! Mission accomplished.

And with the ap updated, we are ready to post!

I started another Sophie’s Universe. (Shhh, yes, I know I have other things I am supposed to be working on!) Here is the link for you:

I simply couldn’t resist. The tutorial is too fabulous, as is the design. Crocheters of 2-3 weeks are making these with her excellent instructions.

I wanted one for myself.
Yes, the rainbow one is for me, too…oh, dear, I am running out of excuses. 🙂

So just a little story:

We did a little master bedroom makeover a couple years back. I’m not sure how it started, but I do know we painted over the country blue walls with a soft cream– only took nine months for three coats– and spent a good bit of time trying to decide on a print for new bedding.

Couldn’t find anything I liked.

I WAS certain I knew our colors: olive, cream, chocolate and berry. I THINK I based this color scheme on our fabulous antique find: an iron bedstead with the prettiest spray of flowers…


We got a such a bargain and it suited us perfectly. Here it is with my first Sophie and the plain brown comforter we eventually chose in the meantime, it was that or freeze!


Isn’t she pretty? I’m looking forward to getting back to her.

So, at long last, finally deciding, I started a sister Sophie in our bedroom colors.

The center mandala


And a few more rows


Those gorgeous corner flowers, squaring her off


And then my favorite part, the first row of tulips



And, such a treat, a few extra minutes this afternoon and another few rounds. Oh, the cream background: doesn’t it bring out the flowers beautifully?


My little helper wanted to say hellooo


Off to hook a few more rounds! Might as well, it keeps trying to snow. In APRIL!
Have a lovely evening. ❤

Stunning Sophie, Part II


It’s looking good!

The weekend was a bit full– more than I like– but it was well worth the time.

My lovely 13-year-old performed a solo and duet in a district school competition and we spent the day together, along with my sweet mother. I so enjoyed hearing the promising student vocalists and musicians! Our school was well-represented and I am grateful for such a quality music program in our quite-rural area.

A smile, despite the nerves, just before singing:

After a day away, the youngest was wishing for some mama time. As much as I longed to pick up my hook, an eye to the clock said bedtime (and quiet crochet solitude bliss for this mama) was a scant hour away. So I acquiesced her childish request and here we are, “playing clowns ” with Sophie.


She did a fair job with the make-up! No complaints from me. 🙂
And sure enough, I got my time soon after.

As others have said, it doesn’t do to work on Sophie when you are tired. Too many crucial stitch counts! So I did a bit, and then went to bed early…three days in a row!

She is growing so prettily.

Here we have the sought after Blue Hawaii to finish part 4:

And then my favorite round to date, the TULIPS:



Oh, it makes my heart hurt to look at her! That queer ache of pain when something is just a bit too lovely…

At this point the colorway decisions became a challenge again. Where to go next with the pallette?

Time for the blues and greens, but first, white petals for contrast.


And just for fun, the back…messy ends everywhere! I am really very naughty not to weave them in at intervals. 🙂 The directions even include suggested weaving points!

Now another row of tulips, and a little yellow sunshine to set them off:

And decision-time! I need to plan the color scheme for the next few rows.
The pattern has been released through part 9 and I am just finishing up part 6, but no worries, I will get there!

Here is the link if you would like it. The color combinations of the myriads of folks creating a Sophie of their own are beyond stunning. Check out the ravelry and facebook links to see them all.

Just finished those pink tulips moments ago!

A few pending projects– a squirrel hat, dinosaur softie, pink flower baby sandals and two toddler cardigans, among other things!

Life is never dull.

Sophie’s Universe is such a lovely pattern…looking forward to an evening of crochet!

And a quiet upcoming weekend for the first time in ages…contended sigh.
Happy hooking!

Unveiling the Universe


I have lost it…can’t find it anywhere. 😦

Have you seen my crochet time?

It is my own fault, I know…I said yes to far too many things…or perhaps it is all these children everywhere, or the school schedule, or just a seasonal quirk of the relentless calendar…
I just can’t find my free time!

I know– I shall blame the weather. The past several years we had SNOW DAYS! This year it is our friends out east that are snowbound, and we have had nary an inch at a time. It has been nice for travel, but oh, I would like to curl up for the evening and get hooking.

In typical ‘Toad fashion, the precious little time I HAVE had since we met last week went to an entirely new project. In case you haven’t heard…a little design called Sophie’s Universe has many of us in crochet world a bit excited.

She started out as a garden on ravelry.

But now she is a crochet-along and the results are stunning!

So here is my Sophie, or at least the beginnings of her. My color scheme is muted rainbow, with some white for contrast and/or emphasis:

In the beginning:

Choosing, adding and designing…

Picking the next grouping:

Greens and blues…

And a few more rows:

Gorgeous corner flowers…

At this point I was forced to a halt. Horror of horrors, I COULD NOT FIND any more of a blue I used in the center flower! I cannot tell you how serious this is…it would mean starting over, as there would be no other way to tie the color scheme together with that one odd blue RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE…I had just a bit left, but each round requires more yarn to complete and I had only a tiny ball…

After rummaging (messily, of course, now I have more to clean up= less crochet time) through my stash several times, I gathered the four colors I  had run short of but wanted to continue using.

I found three at the first store, but…

That lovely electric blue-aqua eluded me.

Until yesterday.

Ha ha!

I have found you, my BLUE HAWAII, you are mine!


NOW I shall resume my Sophie. And perhaps finish a few other things as well.

I WILL discover my free time again…she tends to appear when I am not looking, with serendipitous grace.

I shall keep my hook at the ready.