Great Granny Gumption!


It is always such a change when the children go back to school, isn’t it? Each year, each child is so different…and there are many variables, here!

The little toddler we watch during they day is adjusting.
The daughters in school are adjusting.
The daughters schooling at home are adjusting.
And I am losing my mind! 🙂

Just too much change, all at once. I miss my little ones from childcare last year that have now gone to school. I miss my nieces and nephew that spent much of the summer with us. I have too much time during hours I am used to having too little, and vice-versa! Our entire schedule has altered.

It will take a few weeks to settle in.

Thankfully, I have found time this week–even with all the “adjusting!”– to work on the rainbow granny. And I have a plan for it, too, upon completion…

One of my friends is in the hospital. 😦 It will make a nice cheerful recovery gift, I think. I hope.

So, from the beginning:

Rainbow squares while I stitched on the v-stitch

Made into a little patchwork

And edging

Then a third motif of two-tone, three-round grannies joined-as-you-go

Puppy approved

Then some pretty flowers from sweet Sarah’s blog

The free flower pattern is here:

And now the final motif, two rows of each color, to give a vintage rick-rack feel…
I keep running out of yarn, as it takes nearly a skein to go twice around!

Another trip to the yarn store for me. 🙂

We have been making lots of visits to our local park this week, here are a few pretties:




Such lovely weather, and a pretty time of year! See you next week ❤