Granny Garland Goodness


I did something I have never done before.
Now, lemme ‘splain.
Knowing I am not Suzy Homemaker, or Martha Stewart, or June Cleaver,
I try to go easy on myself.

So when I have a hundred project ideas, I have to chose just a few. 😦
ESPECIALLY during the holiday season.

Homeade Christmas gifts for the entire class? Not this mama…
Except this year, I did!


An easy crochet pattern and a few hours of work later, voila!

Tree ornaments for all ❤

A lovely free pattern here:

After crocheting the trees, I starched and blocked with pins.

I added a button on a bit of string for hanging and we are good to go.
These would be lovely in a garland or a variety of colors.

Happy Holidays!

Oh, and just for fun…
I have had a lot of leftover bits lately, so I put them outside for the birds. We’ll see if they like them!