Twinkle Twinkle


Happy Wednesday!

I don’t know about you, but I just love it when a pattern turns out the first time.

Even better, it’s free!

This little guy was a breeze to whip up, and is absolutely darling.

I plan to make at least a dozen more!


Gathering my colors, the owner-to-be requested a very specific pallette. 🙂

Just the head finished, but look at that face…

I do love a well-written pattern. No time wasted here!

And a rainbow mane, of course. He is a unicorn, is he not?

Styling tip: I used my yarn needle to separate the strands and create the hair.

And finished.

Off to his forever home with a sweet girl.

My gratitude to the generous designer of this quality, free pattern!

Yarn cuteness. And child joy.


Happy hooking!

Fabulous Fall Leaf-Lovin’


I confess, I love autumn. And I love this week of autumn best of all. With my typical artist-narcissism, I am convinced the colors are just for me! So, in wishing myself a special bon anniversaire, here are some lovely fall pretties for you, and two tried and true FREE  patterns. ❤

Last week's gorgeous fall bouquet from a special banquet at our church. Didn't my friend do a lovely job? My table felt dressy all week long!

And a treasure of a surprise from another dear friend, who knows how I dearly love pumpkins! I consider them my personal vegetable, since this time of year brings them out in spades (to celebrate my personal holiday, of course? 🙂 )


Handblown by a local artisan…a gift I will cherish for a lifetime.
Now onto crochet!
As I have mentioned just once or twice before…I can be a bit particular about patterns…here are two I LOVE for their quality and simplicity.

The Maple Leaf by Redheart

I am working on a special project for a friend, and needed leaves…in pink camo 🙂
In addition to the written pattern, I believe there is also a YouTube tutorial for this one.
Love The Crochet Crowd!

And for a basic leaf…I couldn’t believe how hard this was to find…I tested dozens of free patterns and settled on this one as my favorite:

I look forward to sharing pictures of the completed afghan eventually…after stitching and gifting!

So there you are, my two favorites for clarity of design  and simplicity of instruction!

And a few more photo treats…
My favorite fall pretty, our litle copper pumpkin.

My comical candy corn… ha ha!

And my gorgeous fall tree friend, just across the way. I look forward to this stunning show every autumn! She is the first to turn and burn glorius color, and the prettiest tree on our street.

I had a little fun with the editing tools there…still learning to use those!
Happy, happy harvest!