Edging the Midwife


Hello, hello and it is almost here! If you were with us last time, you know that I am embarking on a new adventure this fall…and it officially starts next week! Our classroom is ready and we are so excited for students to arrive.

IMG_5502 IMG_5506 IMG_5517 IMG_5519

In the meantime, I am busy putting as many little organizational tips and tricks into place as I can, to ease my family through this major transition. Meal menus, chore charts and a huge family calendar are in place! I am even planning out my future blogs so as not to neglect my lovely followers. This fall schedule is laid out and ready to go!

Today’s free pattern is a simple little edge. Nothing fancy, but it made me very happy, and I loved the nice, solid feel it gave to the blanket

. IMG_5273

The blanket was for a sweet baby boy, soon to arrive…which was perfect, as I had been longing to try this pattern:


When I finished the blanket, which worked up so lovely and quick, it needed a little something. I experimented with several edges and decided on this one:


It’s reversible!


To work the edge:

In the stitch below any ch-1 sp, join yarn and chain 3 to start. Slip stitch in the next dc of the previous row (back loop only).

*Dc in the stitch below the chain-1 space, then slip stitch in the dc of the previous row (back loop only). Repeat from * across.

(Dc- sl st- dc- sl st- dc) around each corner.


The result? A darling peek-a-boo border in any color you like!


The froggie hat and rattle were a perfect compliment to the set.

See here for tips on how to make the hat: https://thesparklytoad.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/toad-ally-awesome/


The blanket ended up snuggly-soft and the perfect size for a new little one. I made it small and light as it had to travel by air to its soon-to-be-owner, packed securely in the luggage of the daddy-to-be!


Up next…the third installment of this series, a photo tutorial for a darling baby-soft rattle toy.


See you soon! And happy hooking!

Baby Victorian Dreams


Hello and happy Tuesday!

Something pretty and sweet, this sultry summer July day…

The kidlets are in the pool, splashing and shrieking up a storm.

There is a lovely breeze.

Today’s pretty is a soft, colorful baby blanket for a special someone!


I have been longing to try this pattern:



I’m using Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint, Strawberry and Lime with a 3.5mm hook.


The edging is my own design and NOT quite finished yet. 🙂 I am a bit obsessed with pineapple patterns these days, and based it on that. I have been downloading quite a few doily charts!


The free pattern for the square includes both the written pattern and a chart (Oh, I love using charts, they are much faster for me).


Such vibrant colors, and the feel is out-of-this-world soft.


I may have to make this one again. I love the look of the square.


For joining, I used the braided join technique– or at least my own twisted version of it! 😀


I learned this join while participating in The Crochet Crowd’s Crochet-Along earlier this year:



I see that Moogly has also featured this square recently, on Hookin’ on Hump Day, and another nifty way to join these pretty squares…you can check that out here:



Well, it is time for snack, here at home. They are happy to play nicely as long as I feed them. 🙂

May many happy hours of crochet be in your future. ❤


Everlasting Edging



A day in the life…


Hello and Happy Tues…er, Wednesday! It’s May. Those of you with dance recitals and awards banquets and class field trips know just what I am talking about. I’ve learned that when I flip the calendar from April that I shan’t take a breath ’til June.

And so it is.

Here is my latest lovely.

Isn’t it just the best (speaking as a highly creative person) when a customer says, “Make what you like, I know it will be great!”

Just my favorite kind of order!!!

So I got to spend several delightful hours browsing Pinterest, Ravelry and Google, ohhing and ahhing over whatever caught my eye.


The order was for a pretty, soft, not-pink baby blanket. YAY!

The pattern is simple and scrumptious, a fabulous combination, and can be found here: http://moderngracedesign.blogspot.ca/2012/09/baby-blanket-free-pattern.html


It is SO, SO soft. I am using Bernat Baby Softee in yellow and a 5mm hook (my favorite). I used a 3.5mm at first, but the blanket was positively STIFF. It worked up like a cloud with the switch to the 5mm.


The color differences in the pictures are amazing, as I promise I took them just a few feet apart from each other.


Now about the edging…

It gave me some trouble. It was my own fault.

First, a row of sc to stabilize it.

Then some pretty shells (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) with a dc in between.


It looks nice here, doesn’t it? This picture got quite a few likes on the Facebook page. But really, it had a fatal flaw. See the slight bowing below? I was short about 30% of the stitches in the foundation row. Trying to ensure it lay flat, I overdid my stitch reduction, errrrgh.



So as much as I loved the edge, I ripped it all out, and redid it with three SC stitches per cluster instead of two.


I also wanted to add a ribbon weave. Have you seen those?


So pretty… now a row of HDC to lay the foundation for the weaving row.


I’m using #9 satin yellow ribbon. The row below is the one I will weave the ribbon through. It is a trphdc…have you ever heard of such a thing? The dc was too short for the ribbon width, but a trp was MUCH too tall for the soft, fine yarn. So I fudged a stitch in between! YO twice, insert hook and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops, YO and pull through THREE= TRPHDC

A little quirky, but the stitch is just right for my ribbon width.


I shall keep you updated. 🙂 I DO know how to tie a perfect bow. Perhaps I shall share my secret…

Have a blessed week, and a special blessing on all the mothers, past, present and future. May you have a lovely day.

Update: all finished and delivered!


Pretty Edging– Free Pattern


Hello, hello and happy Tuesday!

Just a little something for you today…a pretty, simple edging pattern to use on most anything…


My stripey sweater needed a touch more “girly-ness”, so here it is!


Pretty Scalloped Edge
Row 1: sc in each stitch around. 3 sc in corners.
Row 2: hdc in each st around. 3 hdc in each corner.
Row 3: shell (4 hdc) in next st, skip stitch, sc, skip st. Repeat around.
Row 4: sc in first two st of shell, ch 2, sc in next two st, make extended sc (into row 1) btw each shell.

Note: for my sweater I used purple in rows 1 and 2, green for row 3 and blue on row 4.


That’s all for now! I have a mountain of paperwork and filing to do, and so many crochet projects calling to me…




Happy hooking!