Valentine Roses


Hello, friends.
It is late on my Tuesday, and I’m afraid I am not at my best. It has been a day.
But, as always, I have something lovely for you!


I have been making a little something as thank you gifts for a few special ladies in my life.
And they turned out quite sweet, I think.

The free pattern here:

I found the first row to be just a bit confusing in the pattern…but it is simple enough, once I tried it: sc, ch 2, sk a st, repeat.

Here’s how it looks, unrolled:

And here they are, all lined up that evening:

I will add little clips to the back for use as accessories: hair pretties, or maybe on a scarf, coat, hat…they would look lovely on a handbag, too. I need to dig out my rhinestone buttons; wouldn’t they look dazzling with some center sparkle?


Pretty roses, just in time for Valentine’s Day! They are so quick, and they would make a gorgeous wreath, too. Perhaps next year, here. Happy hooking!