Today’s post is more announcement than crochet.

It has been a banner season for the ‘Toad. A good one. And after a flurry of activity, growth and profit, what is a business owner to do?

A bit of a rest is in order.

The well of creativity is run nearly dry. A brief sabbatical will fix that right up!

So the ‘Toad will be on hiatus pending several factors.

First, I shall treat myself to several neglected personal projects.

My 2017 Weather Afghan:

2) Several Sophie’s Universe

3) And something with these beauties

I shall begin at least one new project– probably more! 🙂

And finish a few special requests for friends, as gifts.

Last, but not least,

I shall reflect upon and evaluate the nature of my business.

Creativity, or profit? Design or production? Will I finally publish a few patterns? Or perhaps take the blog a new direction? We shall see!

Happy crocheting!

Let it snow. ❤

African Lace


Hello and happy…oh, wait, it’s Wednesday! Already?

With my long to-do list this week, I seriously considered waiting until Thursday to post. Or even next week…but if you don’t mind a few loose ends and unedited pics…here’s a sneak peek at my latest project!

It started over a year ago, here:


I had seen a gorgeous photo and just had to try my hand at recreating the blooms…isn’t that how most of my adventures start? 😀

The flowers were so pretty! And I cracked the construction code pretty quickly. I even posted a free pattern, here:



But production came to a screeching halt when it came time to join. All of the techniques I tried SQUISHED the flowers. Is that a technical term? 🙂 And I tried! I have a sweet friend waiting for this pretty blanket…thankfully my friends know me well enough to be patient, right?

My second issue was the yarn. I was using Caron Simply Soft for the flowers. But she wanted a black background. Enough for a blanket would be expensive! I tried Red Heart, but it was too scratchy and bulky for this project. As far as local fiber options, that’s pretty much it for me. So I packed up my blooms and moved on.

Then came vacation! And a gift card for the holidays. So, recently, I treated myself to a little shopping spree and picked up a half dozen skeins in black, as they were on sale! And here we are. Unfortunately, black is dreadful to photograph, and most of my freetime is in the evening lately. And I cannot make myself weave the ends until Thursday, my anti-procrastination sewing day. But I think you can get the idea…

My newest creation, the African Lace Afghan!

Joining the squares in front of the TV one evening…

Time for the last hexie!

Experimenting with edging…

And a fun border, on a cloudy afternoon


I will be crocheting this in white next…I can’t wait for you to see the “lace” hexigons…and if the sun ever shines again I will take some real pictures. 😉 Pattern coming soon to Ravelry!

Happy “hump” day ❤