Today’s post is more announcement than crochet.

It has been a banner season for the ‘Toad. A good one. And after a flurry of activity, growth and profit, what is a business owner to do?

A bit of a rest is in order.

The well of creativity is run nearly dry. A brief sabbatical will fix that right up!

So the ‘Toad will be on hiatus pending several factors.

First, I shall treat myself to several neglected personal projects.

My 2017 Weather Afghan:

2) Several Sophie’s Universe

3) And something with these beauties

I shall begin at least one new project– probably more! 🙂

And finish a few special requests for friends, as gifts.

Last, but not least,

I shall reflect upon and evaluate the nature of my business.

Creativity, or profit? Design or production? Will I finally publish a few patterns? Or perhaps take the blog a new direction? We shall see!

Happy crocheting!

Let it snow. ❤

Sweet Monkey Business


Today’s post feature another one of my favorite projects: an amigurumi.
Thanks to the great free patterns available on the internet, making your own crochet stuffed animals can be a breeze!

I had a custom design request for a little monkey to match  a sweet girl’s bedroom. Her grandmother had a Sparkly Toad creation for each of her other grandchildren, so of course she needed a gift for this child as well.

I love repeat business!

And I love crochet design, as you know. 🙂
Pinks and greens were the colors, so I choose some of my favorites from my stash and set to work.

All the parts disassembled make me feel a bit like Frankenstein…In a good way!

Once I passed a quiet afternoon in sewing, she was ready for her pictures.

I felt a little something extra was needed…So I added a sweet flower embellishment.

She is my own original pattern…I used my long-legged giraffe and a dragon head…Caron Simply Soft and an E hook (3.5mm)
There are several free patterns on Ravelry for long-legged amigurumi that have been published since I designed mine, or you may use the design I used for my original inspiration, found here:


I found this pattern came out too big for my liking, so reduced the stitches to make it smaller for my original giraffe. That one was made with Red Heart and an H hook, so this one is even smaller than those made with the heavier worsted weight yarn.

 And there she is. The little girl loved her.

And that is why I do what I do. 
Happy hooking!

Sunny Days


What a difference a few days of sunshine can make!

We’ve had an ice storm nearly every week this winter, and spring seems farther and farther off, instead of nearer.

It has been nice to stay indoors and crochet, I miss that in the summer months!

I took advantage of a break in the storms yesterday, and gallivanted off to town with a friend. 🙂

I had heard there was a new yarn shop in town…

We browsed a lovely collection of artistic goods

It was a fun little place

And I came home with a few new friends for my collection. More yarn! 😀

Then we found a lovely, sunny spot and had a delicious lunch.

It was the perfect outing before my evening shift.


I had been “busy as a bee” crocheting orders this month! I look forward to sharing cute new designs with you as soon as they have been delivered and/or gifted. ❤

Candy Stripe Granny Ripple Afghan



Happy New Year’s Eve! I pray you are all safe and warm. We are snuggled up on the couch weathering a severe cold snap.


I have had this afghan in my mind for a while now…in fact this is my third attempt, and I think I have it!
Here are my earlier attempts, they are also charming, but not quite what I had in mind…


For this design I combined the Granny Ripple pattern with a pretty color blend I saw on Pinterest called Candy Stripe. I also added a cluster at the decrease because I like it tighter…and I am so pleased with the result!

My New Year wishlist includes crochet design software…please comment if you have one you recommend!

In the meantime, I will write this out as a pattern and sketch the chart, oh, by next week, I think. My first free pattern design! I am excited! I am still learning how to arrange the blog…to display different categories, menus, etc. Thank you for your patience! And…


thank you to my daughter for the loan of her monkey socks for my cold feet while she is at her New Year’s Eve party tonight. 🙂 I am glad to stay home and hook! The snowfall has been lovely to watch.

May you be blessed, old aquaintances and new, dear friends and loved ones all, in this New Year! Yes, God bless us, every one.
Happy New Year!

Update: here is a chart for the pattern! My variation uses three dc at each end, instead of another cluster, since I designed it myself…but I like this idea! Maybe even better than mine. 🙂