Pretty Poncho II


Hello, friends! It was a busy weekend.
Two fundraiser dinners and a splendid pizza-making effort, also a fundraiser. 🙂

Monday came quickly.

And yet, I am feeling quite rested now, because what should come after all that but a massively media driven, entirely overestimated, piddled out to next to nothing– snowstorm.

And we had two days off!

I completed my to-do list like a good girl, then took to my comfy crochet spot and picked up my hook. Oh, the bliss. ❤

I haven't much for pictures, but I'll share a peek.


The pretty poncho is so close to finished! Waiting for the glue in the pompoms to dry…so I can properly trim and attach them. I made my own pompom maker out of cardboard after watching a video. YouTube is entirely handy that way.


To see the first part of poncho construction, go here:

Then I whipped up a sweet dress and matching hat for an order. I’ll be sharing the hat pattern for free in an upcoming blog– and a picture, it was too dark here by the time I finished:


My blog post with the pattern for dress and flower is here:

And finally, I am embarking on an adventure long overdue — the hooded fox cowl. Making a poncho, actually, for the car seat. My nephew is in need of such a contraption. 🙂

My own design, after perusing a few pictures. More on that in an upcoming post as well.


Made with lots of love, this one is…
Now to bed! Back to work in the morning!

My heart is hopeful for some lovely, long hours of crochet this coming weekend as well.
Though I do have tax paperwork that needs tending, boo. Perhaps I shall manage both! I usually do. 🙂

Happy hooking!