Collection of Cuteness


We finally have some significant snowfall here in the Midwest.

The spirit-breaking cold gave way to a few teaser days of warm (think fifty degrees following two weeks of negative five!) And then 36 hours of light, fluffy, pretty white stuff…

I decorate my home with the cutest little guys after Christmas– snowmen!

Gets me through until spring.

So as a tribute to the fluffy white stuff, here are some darling free patterns to make your own out of yarn. 🙂

Top Five Cutest Snowmen ❤

1. First, a classic from an amazing designer. Excellent free patterns and a multitude of adorable creations. I just love her work.

2. Another great source for free patterns– Amigurumi Today. I made my first amigurumi, a little hippo, from this website. I love this guy’s earmuffs!

3. This next one is so clever. I just love the look of this snowman afghan. What a fun design!

4. Or how about this one? A cup cozy! Quick and easy, this makes a fun gift or office accessory.

5. And finally, a flat one! No, he hasn’t melted, he’s an applique. 🙂 So cute for a blanket, stocking or garland. Also from Repeat Crafter Me…crochet away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little adventure today! Snuggling on my couch with hook and yarn, watching the snow fall, is my favorite winter past-time.

Happy hooking!

From Turkeys to Reindeer


I love Christmas.

Everywhere I look, the world has turned itself inside-out to decorate in honor of our savior’s birth. I love the music. The lights. The stories.

When I was a child, it could never come fast enough. Now it seems so short.

Blink, and we’ve gone from August to December with a major holiday per month. Goodness!

So it is with a little sadness I pack up my turkeys.

And break out the Christmas cheer!

Though I still have several holiday orders pending, I indulged myself in a day of rest– and crochet design– over the long weekend.

Inspired by an overload of classic Christmas movies, I found myself compelled to make something, anything, holiday-ish while putting my feet up one evening off. Pre-Thanksgiving grocery retail is no joke!

I found some reds and greens, a little gold, and a picture on Pinterest that suited my mood exactly, so away I went!

I started with red pentagons.

Joining as I went, because who likes sewing when you can crochet instead?

The increase and decrease was tricky! But I managed. It would need some tweaking to fly as an actual pattern, but not bad for a from-scratch first attempt.

V-stitch decrease on the inside and a granny-stripe ripple on the outer rings.

And then there was this cutie on the infamous lap.

Happy holidays from my family to yours. May your table and hearts be full. ❤

Jingly the Christmas Elf


I’m always so pleasantly surprised when a project turns out. You would think I might have more confidence in my skill at this point, wouldn’t you? Ah, but you haven’t seen the totes-full-of-failures in my basement, now have you? This blog is a bit like Facebook, just the best ten percent of my successful work.And here is today’s featur:e

My darling girl said we needed an elf. I’ll save my anti-Santa rant and dislike of the threatening-repeating parent (cf. Love n Logic) for another blog, or even another lifetime…Let’s just say our elf is NOT a spy. 🙂

So the elf. We perused Amazon, Pinterest (holy hilarious antics!) and, as usual, I found my answer on ravelry. Love that site.

Here’s the pattern:

I thought PINK, but my sweet girl wanted red. So it began.

Fortunately, I had some cute colored eyes left over from an Etsy order I placed eons ago! I really like the blue.

We began the hair.

One of my favorite parts of the pattern is the white picot collar! I decided to use it on the hat also, instead of leaving it plain.

Added a little pink mouth, and began to sew…I used a needle to separate the strands of yarn and give her pretty curly locks.

Decided I REALLY liked the picot collar and added trim to the sleeves as well. 🙂

Then, she sat in waiting for a week or two. It gets busy this time of year!

Finally, I found the time, and motivation, to stitch on those cute, skinny arms and legs.

And she was darling!

At my daughter’s request, I even found time to make her a little baby elf friend. 

The hair is a bit comical, and she didn’t like the eyes, so perhaps I will redo those…

But still, cute n all!

Have a blessed week-before-Christmas, and may you be surrounded by much love, now and always.

Happy hooking!

Starch-ness Raving


Hello, hello…time for adventure!
We are hustling and bustling here per the season, and I have several fun things to share this week. 🙂

First off…pretty candy canes! With “victorian” in the name, of course I had to try them. They worked up quickly and easily to make darling gifts. We will finish them off with ribbon and rosettes at the top, for hanging.


Free pattern here:

And now to the starch-ness! This has been on my to-try list for months and months…and what better time to give it a go than Christmas…for snowflakes!

I love, love, love Lucy’s pretty pattern, and what a difference a little starch, stretch, pin and block makes. Here’s the link to make your own:


Knowing nothing about starching, I bought the blue bottle my friend Kristina recommended.
Reading the suggested dilutions, we went with 1/2 cup starch to 1 cup water.


I’ve no idea how it will turn out. 🙂
(Took one in negative, just for fun!)

Aren’t they pretty?

I’ve discovered I haven’t nearly enough pins…ha ha

Now to share the delight of this lovely season with you, some pretty holiday stills of my most favorite things. image

Our antique dresser (made by my husband’s great uncle)

A nativity for little hands

The stockings are hung

An advent nativity

And precious angel


My scripture nativity

And stashed away in a corner, my twelve-point star with nearly all the orange rounds finished…with upcoming parties and concerts it’s anyone’s guess if that will be finished anytime soon!

Praying you are able to enjoy this blessed season despite the busy-ness, and making lovely memories with you and yours. Until next time!

O Christmas Tree and Mr. Gingerbread, finished!


Not a moment to spare, the Bitty Baby Christmas clothes are complete! So much fun to make…it was a lot to finish in these last weeks before the holiday, but well worth it. Their little owners will be delighted, I think! I know I am. 🙂



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