New and Old


I think I can breathe again.

Holiday madness (both work and at home) gave way to birthday festivities for two of four children and the gaggle of teens has just left the building…

My few hours of quiet are welcome. I thought they might never return. 🙂

Goodness knows we all need a bit of quiet and time of reflection; what better way to ring in the new?

New year, new hopes, new possibilities…

It was a good year here at the ‘Toad! Business gained traction and I learned new skills, gained many happy customers and found time to enjoy my day-job and family as well.

So here we are…the year in pictures. ❤

*Note: pattern links are not included. Many of my items are reverse-engineered, meaning I looked at a picture and made up the pattern myself. Photo captions include the necessary key words to Google a similar pattern, if you would like to make your own!


V-stitch hat

Virus shawl blanket

Temperature blanket

Baby Snowman hat


Beginning the Viking (had to design my own horns!)

The mermaid tail

Bumblebee baby gifts

Chromium star

The car blanket

More Viking…the beard

And the helmet


Pink monkey

Finished the Chromium star

April- no crochet 🙂


Started the little lion ripple

The sea turtle afghan

Beautiful shells for a sweet baby boy

And finished the Viking!


Created the little lion

Finished the sea turtles

And the ripple

And a baby fox set


A granny hexie of scrap yarn for me

Family items that needed repair


Twinkle Toes the unicorn

And a long-legged cat


An elephant teether

Candy corn hat

Infant pretties

A toy elephant

Hats for the bazaar

And another lion, so cute!


Monkey legs

Monster hats

Finished product!

More hats for the bazaar

A little pumpkin

Phew! Nearly there…


A little leaf for the pumpkin

A Christmas tree skirt


Monkey hat!

Kitty and a panda

Pastel monkeys

V-stitch bun hat

A Labrador retriever

And a baby white-tailed deer set with removable ruffle and bow ❤

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! How nice to see the year in review, as I often feel I haven’t accomplished much crochet time. I’d best get to work, as I have more monkeys to make!

A blessed New Year to you, and happy crocheting. ❤


Baby Boy Brilliance


Hello, Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Barring the holidays, for us this is the busiest week of the year. Local colleges finish up (making all my student and teacher friends a bit crazy), we have our dance recitals, final church and music programs for the school year…and this year a class trip to the ZOO with grandma, grandpa AND daddy, oh, joy!


It feels a bit luxurious to have delegated most of it. 😉

The eldest can drive herself to rehearsals. The middles can walk to their concert, and choose their own theme outfits, with minimal assistance– it’s a 70’s tribute, I understand.

I just need to make the meals and keep the littles out of trouble. So far, so good.

I am busy on a new project this week– has there been a week yet that I am not!?!  😉 My sweet neighbor is having her second baby boy.

I made these hats (and an afghan) for the first one:


Now a new baby is coming to the same nursery, and big brother has been moved out to his own room…so the same colors, and theme, but certainly we couldn’t do the same blanket!

It’s been a bit since I did a corner-to-corner, and I have seen some LOVELY striping patterns lately. I like the random, varying-width look, but am a bit short on time for dreaming and designing, so stuck with something a little more predictable.

Here is the basic pattern and a video tutorial:


Lovely limey green, navy and white. It’s a bit nautical, and very BOY.


Caron Simply Soft and my favorite 5mm H hook give it a nice soft feel.

Row counts are 5 rows of navy, then 4-2-4 of green/white/green or white/green/white, alternating. Marvelous effect!


I love the simplicity of working diagonally, although it does make me a bit dizzy at times. 🙂 I have to be careful not to lose my place when turning…


Such pretty striping. And it worked up rather quickly.


Just a couple hours to go. I’m thinking of edging in a few rows of single crochet stripes. Or perhaps no border at all. C2C is one of the few afghans that can look better without a border.


Enjoy your week! Mine will rather fly. Happy hooking. ❤