A Little Virus


Hello and happy weekend!

Is it possible that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?

The unseasonably warm weather lends me toward unbelief…even if we did have a major snowstorm predicted for today.

We ended up with a few inches…

I am posting this on an entirely unfamiliar screen, which makes me a bit uncertain…doesn’t WordPress know I am too old to deal with techno-change???

We’ll see how much longer it takes me to blog.

Today shall be the shawls I promised! I must confess, however, that I miscounted…there are four, not three, and one seems to be missing?

No, you may not comment about my many WIPS and that it is likely buried in a pile of yarn! 🙂 I know it all too well…

Shawl #1:

With an H hook (5mm) and RedHeart Unforgettable in Stained Glass



The colors are glorious though I am still learning to get along with my new camera…


This is truly my favorite yarn these days. And a great pattern, so simple, but lovely.

Shawl #2:

A virus. I used a chart googled off the internet, but word-on-the-street is that most folks are following a YouTube video.


An H hook (5mm) and RedHeart Unforgettable in Echo- a stunning combination of purples and greens that is somehow gray, overall. I love it.



And the third, featured previously here:


Shawl #3) The South Bay Shawlette in gorgeous fall colors

I am in a bit of Unforgettable frenzy…I made a special trip to the city a few weeks ago and bought a dozen skeins of color I can’t get in town: Stained Glass, Echo, Sunrise and Polo.

This is Sunrise, with a J hook:


Pattern here:



The snow is so light and pretty on the black trees and my red berry bushes.

I find myself thankful for a quiet day to tend to hearth and home before the hustle and bustle of the holiday week.

May you be blessed now and always.





Another lovely weekend…and nary of stitch of crochet.

I mustn’t complain! Really. Those bitter winter nights will be along soon enough.

With errands and children and a calendar-full of events, I haven’t managed to photograph my latest work. I have a certain afternoon light in mind, and haven’t been able to catch it.

Daylight savings time doesn’t help…

I featured this shawl previously here (https://thesparklytoad.wordpress.com/2015/10/31/the-perfect-all-hallows-eve/)

and have made four companion works in various shades and patterns.


I look forward to sharing those with you when the light is right!

In the meantime I have tackled a few home projects, such as cleaning the porch and sorting boxes in the basement.

My cookie cutters had been AWOL…I found them with a vengeance as I had added a few dozen more to my collection over the summer. 😀

All gathered and washed…now to find a box that large.


This weekend was mostly taken up with the school play…over 100 children were in it, a novelty for this-size town!

Here are my three: Snow White, Miss Muffet and one of the Blind Mice. 🙂


It was quite a bit of fun to have them all participate and they did so well.


Wore the mouse out…




And sassy…


I think we all need a nap.

Time to get ready for my week.

I look forward to chatting again soon!

Oh, Glorious Autumn


The weather has been simply glorious.

At any moment the temperatures will drop, so we savor every bit of sunshine and balmy breeze. I’ve been busy with family activities and nary a moment to crochet, but I won’t complain. The memory-making is precious.

Bought a bit of self-striping yarn and worked up a cardigan one evening. Didn’t like it.  Already ripped it out and made a pop-over dress in the round. Not sure if I like that either…

Here’s the pattern for the dress (not pictured) if you’d like:



With the streak of glorious weather we had a lovely field trip to the Christmas tree farm for wreath-making. I’ve done this several times with the older girls and always enjoy it.


Dad came along too, a special treat.


All finished:


I had fun with my new camera in the beautiful sunshine.


We even found a Charlie Brown tree!


The golden colors of the autumn countryside made my heart ache just a bit– so pretty.


The sight of these pine cones put me in the Christmas mood…


Where we live, this weather isn’t taken for granted. Yards have been put to rights, lawns mowed a last time or two, and winter gear washed and hung on the line to dry.

We are feeling a bit spoiled.

I hope it lasts a bit longer…

Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge


I am up to my ears in diapers and damp burp clothes and so glad to take a moment away to think about crochet!

It has rained here since yesterday afternoon:

I found an odd hour yesterday to nearly finish my daughter’s star afghan.

I LOVE how simple these are! Free pattern here:

And the 12-point Spiderman version is fabulous! I would love to make one using this:

But my time is so limited…I am happy to finish this one.


Whenever things get terribly busy and we begin to run down, the first thing to go is that creative spark, don’t you think? Life has a way of beating us up a bit. So I was terribly pleased to find myself designing a marvelous new-to-me edge for this blanket, completely spur-of-the-moment! Babies and toddlers at my feet, tweens at their textbooks…and out it came.


I love it! And I want to share, it is so simple yet pretty– my favorite kind of pattern!


Here is a sample worked in three different colors to show the rows more clearly:

And here is the pattern:

Bobbles-N-Shells Easy Edge

Row 1: dc across
Row 2: sc in first st, trp in next, repeat across, ending with sc. The trp will “pop” out on the right side of your work.
Row 3: sl st in sc, work 3hdc in trp, repeat across.

To work a corner: sl st, then crochet 2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc in corner sp.

This edge can be adapted to finish any afghan or clothing item; it is just so simple and versatile. I love the texture!

Happy Tuesday! 😀
Next week…all about pumpkins!