Collection of Cuteness


We finally have some significant snowfall here in the Midwest.

The spirit-breaking cold gave way to a few teaser days of warm (think fifty degrees following two weeks of negative five!) And then 36 hours of light, fluffy, pretty white stuff…

I decorate my home with the cutest little guys after Christmas– snowmen!

Gets me through until spring.

So as a tribute to the fluffy white stuff, here are some darling free patterns to make your own out of yarn. 🙂

Top Five Cutest Snowmen ❤

1. First, a classic from an amazing designer. Excellent free patterns and a multitude of adorable creations. I just love her work.

2. Another great source for free patterns– Amigurumi Today. I made my first amigurumi, a little hippo, from this website. I love this guy’s earmuffs!

3. This next one is so clever. I just love the look of this snowman afghan. What a fun design!

4. Or how about this one? A cup cozy! Quick and easy, this makes a fun gift or office accessory.

5. And finally, a flat one! No, he hasn’t melted, he’s an applique. 🙂 So cute for a blanket, stocking or garland. Also from Repeat Crafter Me…crochet away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little adventure today! Snuggling on my couch with hook and yarn, watching the snow fall, is my favorite winter past-time.

Happy hooking!

Den Lille Havfrue: The Little Mermaid


It is all about dolls, here. I should be busy with holidays and studies (I am homeschooling two middle schoolers!) but those few free minutes find me working on four dollies for my daughters and a friend.

Partly inspired by the arrival of my new book

And also this adorable free pattern—free-amigurumi-crochet-pattern

I found this one half-finished in my pile the other day, stuffed her and sewed the arms.


My littlest is asking for a mermaid.
One of the downfalls of my last few attempts at doll-making has been the face.

So this time we did a little research! We watched these videos together to learn to make hair and a cute mouth. For eye placement I guessed from the pictures in the book.

I really like the wig cap hair method!

It grew too late to finished her hair…but we will split the strands to create waves. My daughter wanted to help…so perhaps afterschool?

The video above mentions wrapping wood dowels and baking the yarn in the oven to create ringlets…I have got to try that!

Now, something else I have been longing to try…a crocodile stitch mermaid tail.
I used this tutorial from Moogly to learn the basics, and I am sooo pleased with the result.


Now I must get back to my day…I look forward my next little piece of free time!


Happy hooking!