giant granny goodness entire


She is finished!

It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment, when you consider the piles of WIPs everywhere around here… actually completing something…

It started here:

And then grew to here:

Inspired by the lovely colorwork of this dear designer:

She grew, and grew, until it was time to join…

And now she graces a place of honor, our marriage bed.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” ~Keats

My color tips:

She started out as a stash-buster, so I used various odds and ends and combined as I liked. After ten rounds, I needed a significant amount for each round, so had more limited options. I also wanted to bring the colors together somehow, without looking too contrived.

So the final five rounds match the first five, in each square. It gave nice continuity but didn’t appear overly planned.

Nothing easier than a granny square! And I love the vintage look.

I used worsted weight yarn and an h hook.

Happy hooking!

5 thoughts on “giant granny goodness entire

  1. Leona65

    Dear Julie, I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational pattern for this giant granny square blanket. I just finished mine, which will be a birthday present for my niece for her 19th birthday. I used in total 16 colors + 1 color (nature) for the joining and border. 3 of the squares are made of 10 repeating colors and the other 6 squares are made by 15 different color rows plus the 5 last rows are the same colors as the first 5 rows. So in total 20 colored rows + 2 rows in the joining color and then 2 rows of border. Thank you again and all the best from Europe! 😀

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