Ordinary Miracles


‘Tis the day before Thanksgiving.

The bird is ready.

The school speeches have been made.

Grandmother’s table is set…

…with the other grandmother’s ceramic turkey.

My chicks will soon all be home to the nest and I am deeply content.

So at peace, in fact, that there is nothing left to do this drizzly day but put some yarn on my hook and crochet the afternoon away. ❤


For a fun crochet Tom turkey, see this previous Thanksgiving post:


Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed, tomorrow and always.

One thought on “Ordinary Miracles

  1. Beverly Hellenbrand

    Love. I am sitting also. Thank you FlyLady! I have the roast cooking for supper. The fresh cranberries are prepared. The plants are watered. The gingerbread boy cookies have been in the refrigerator for awhile. Today I made up the bags of frosting for the grands decorating project after dinner. Dad just headed to the store to be sure he has everything he needs/wants for his turkey on the grill.

    I love how you incorporated the generations in your table decor.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Love you!

    Bev h. Sent from my iPhone


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