Little Blue Whale



Good morning and happy summer!

I hear it is going to be in the nineties this weekend.


Lots of whales in the making…
My girls liked my little stuffed whale so much that one drew a picture, and the other baked a whale-shaped cookie!


Even gingerbread cookie cuteness


Inspired by this…I used a basic hat design (see previous post).
My whale applique I wing-ed, as they say.

Just a circle, some tall stitches (triples) to shape the tail, then two shell stitches on the end for fins.


And more…the finished little guy!

Today’s free tip…

How to make a baby whale stuffed toy without buying a pattern:

(Use a hook a couple sizes smaller than the recommended size for that yarn when making stuffed toys. I used Caron Simply Soft and a 3.5mm hook.)

Make a baby hat. Mine came out about three inches across.

Using the white, make a circle. You can do this by using the hat pattern and just stop when it is the right size to fit together with the top part.

Add eyes, stuff lightly, and sew together.

For the tail: crochet a cone shape. has a free pattern for a horn written in her unicorn hat pattern. I used that one.

Crochet a couple of shell stitches together for the tail fin, and two more for the sides.

Sew it all on. πŸ™‚

For instructions on making the spout tassel, see the unicorn hat pattern I mentioned above and follow the mane directions, just smaller.


Whale cuteness


And more whale cuteness

I love how this set turned out!

Happy day.
Now back to the three new projects I’ve started. πŸ˜‰


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