The Long Road Home


It has been a season of change.
My school year has ended and I’ve started my summer job.
My beautiful daughter has graduated high school and started working as well.
The little ones have their last day of class today.

Add to that some glorious late spring weather
and you might imagine I’ve had neither the inclination nor the hours
to crochet.


I did find the time to work on this a bit, as I mentioned in my previous post.
My stash-buster, Flowers in the Snow: I just love all the scraps of color on a white background.

Now I need more projects, as I am out of scraps and it isn’t nearly big enough yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also found a bit of time to make this cute set:



For a new baby and sweet big sister…
Patterns can be found here, at
I adapted them for my purposes but the basics are there.

And finally, FINALLY, I found my cro-jo yesterday (read crochet motivation)


and started a little something.
Find the pattern here:

I modified the pattern in two ways…the first ten rows of hdc are in the back loop only, and after skipping the stitches for the sleeves, I changed to a v-stitch, for a lacy look.


I get so sentimental through these rites of passage.

My babies have grown so tall and beautiful.

It seems just yesterday they looked like this…


And now the eldest is working and we count down to college in the fall.

My precious girl.

Now off to more sorting!
I am making good progress digging out my home office while school is out of session.
Of course the first thing I tidied was my yarn collection. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy crocheting!

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