Horsin’ Around


Back to crochet…a little!

I had a request recently for a fun pattern I’ve been wanting to try and couldn’t resist the chance to work on something new, and a bit out of the box, even for me. πŸ™‚

I did something I never do…I bought the pattern!

I simply don’t have time to figure stitch counts these days.

I’m quite pleased with the pattern, and my results so far.

Here it is, the horse scarf! Pattern here, for $4.99:


My customer asked for a black horse with white socks, since the recipient had a horse like that as a child. So sweet. I love bringing joy with my creations.


I still have a bit to go! I shall find the time somewhere…

In other news, we are having an awful lot of snow for this time of year. Waking up to the white stuff every other day or so has us all a bit grumbly.


My Easter eggs don’t usually get a white coat!

Ah, well. Spring should be here soon enough. In the meantime I shall eat chocolate, and enjoy my children as they start their plants indoors.


The one-pound Hershey’s kiss is a recent gift from my husband. πŸ™‚ The cabbage plant belongs to my third grader.


Happy crocheting, and happy spring!

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