Give My Regards


Hellooooo and happy weekend!

I am back, and it was wonderful.

Please forgive another non-crochet-related post, but wait until I explain…

We went to New York! My daughter’s school music program took a trip out to perform and see the sights, and I was able to go along.

Now, for those of you that live there, not such amazing news. And those who are able to travel and vacation regularly, again, not so exciting. But for those of you like me, with a big family and a small budget, that haven’t traveled further than the nearest big town for well, years…it was fabulous.

I’ve dreamed of traveling to see a show on Broadway my whole life.

And as long as we were there, well, we saw a lot more than that!

Forgive my vacation pictures:

Tying my shoelace on the Staten Island Ferry…

Wall Street, and the 9/11 Memorial…yes, I looked like a complete tourist, gawking at all the skyscrapers.

A concert at St. John’s, then a walk through Columbia University

Our new favorite place…a real New York corner market.

Times Square, not my thing, but great to see once in a lifetime. Loved every minute of our dinner at the Stardust Diner.

A concert aboard the Intrepid, a quick tour of Lincoln Center, and Julliard.

Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza and a fantastic historical tour at Radio City, and we were done.

And there you have it. My dream trip in a nutshell. Now if I can get caught up on the laundry, we will be back to our regularly scheduled crochet adventures next week.

Have a lovely day! And enjoy your time, however you chose to spend it.



4 thoughts on “Give My Regards

  1. Carol

    Glad you enjoyed your time in NYC! I don’t think I’d want to live there. but I’ve been to NYC several times and love, love, love to visit there!
    I was fortunate enough to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. I saw “Cats” at the Winter Garden Theatre. – and it was magical! It’s bustling and congested for sure….but it sort of has a life – a spirit of its own that sort of grabs you, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t mind going there at least one more time in my life….but am Thankful that I did get to go there a few times – when I was young enough to enjoy it! (and old enough to enjoy it!)

      • Carol D

        I believe traveling with the children provides them with a different type of education – things they’ll never learn in books. My son has been fortunate enough to travel to Europe and Caribbean with his three boys…and I think those boys will have an advantage over their peers because of that travel. Things you “can’t quite put your finger on” or describe but know that it is there in their minds.
        Traveling to different parts of your own country – or even ‘foreign’ nations is awesome! I wish I could do more of it myself! Enjoy those children every minute – they are so precious and they are grown up way too fast. Our chance to influence our children is so limited – because once they are teens, they seem not to listen….but be not surprised…you ARE helping them to grow into responsible adults. I am almost jealous of those who still have little ones. Though there is no way I could keep up with them, I still at times miss having them around. All grown up with families of their own – but they are “close” even though they live across the country. I am fortunate that they continue to keep me involved in their lives. Praise God for them! they are THE most precious “thing’ you have in this life!

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