The Lovely African Flower Afghan, part III


Hello, hello and happy…yes, well, it isn’t even close to Friday, in fact, it’s the Wednesday after next.

I’m beginning to find my sea legs at our lovely little pre-kindergarten.

The teaching absolutely delights me and I thrill to their little sea of faces gazing up at me, hanging on every word.

We are having so much fun.

The home life– meals, clean clothes, nurturing the children– has not suffered nearly as I had feared.


Though I am pretty tired! At least during the week.

I’ve bounced back quickly on weekends now that the first few days are past.

I have had exactly ZERO energy to crochet. I was afraid of this. The good news is, I went a bit crazy at summer’s end and made piles of projects, photographed them, and will continue to dole those out week by week on the blog until my cro-jo (crochet motivation) returns.


Not the first time I’ve had a dry spell, and likely not the last.

Today I’d like to share the joining on my lovely African flower afghan. Like the majority of my projects, here I go winging it again. I’ve had some miscalculations, but mostly managed to get it right the first time on this project, always a good ting!


I’m edging each set of seven hexagons with two rounds of complimentary colors.


Joining as I go, of course, you know how I dislike sewing. 🙂


The brighter, more contrasting the yarn, the better!


The aqua is my favorite of all the colors. I love how it looks with the salmon (officially called strawberry on the label, but I never saw a strawberry that color in my life…)


I love the rainbow zig-zags!


And my little dear-heart, who has started tap dance this fall with a wonderful studio…showing off her precious new (to us) shoes!


May you have a lovely week!

We’ll chat again soon. 🙂

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