Mais Oui


Hello and happy Wednesday-after-the-holiday!

We had a lovely weekend. It was an entire mini-vacation (I worked Friday but darling dear did not and you can bet I put him to work!) We had fun and got soooo much accomplished.

It makes me eager for summer…

I have two small sweets with birthdays fast approaching. Since my favorite crochet item is a little dress, well, does two-and-two-make-four?

My favorite little go-to dress is here:


and I started with one of those, but wanted to try something different for the second…so I went a-hunting on ravelry! I love that site…

I found the most amazing pattern…free, one skein, easy AND beautiful…it doesn’t get any better than that in my happy crochet world. I used Caron simply soft in light blue and my favorite (5mm) H hook.


I was tickled it is called a French Pop-Over Smock as I studied French at the university. 😀

The sleeves are a delight (and so simple!)


The triple v-stitch couldn’t be easier to work.


The edging is nearly the same as the other pattern…and one of my favorite things to make!


I love the pretty flower accent in the picture (on ravelry)…so of course I had to make one!

I have a love-hate relationship with flowers. Sometimes, and only sometimes, they turn out well for me.

But as I said, yesterday was a GOOD crochet day…not only did the pretty flower turn out, I designed it myself!


And here is the free pattern for your crochet pleasure.


Pretty Carnation Flower
Ch 36
1) Dc in 5th ch from hook (1st v-stitch made). *Sk st, dc-ch 1-dc into next st. Repeat from * across. Make v-stitch in last ch. Turn. (17 v-stitches)
2) Sl st into ch 1 sp. Ch 2, hdc 3x, ch 2, sl st all in same sp. Repeat twice. (3 hdc petals)
Sl st into ch 1 sp. Ch 3, dc 3x, ch 2, sl st into same sp. Repeat four times (5 dc petals)
Sl st into ch 1 sp. Ch 3, trp 5x, ch 3, sl st into same sp. Repeat eight times (9 trp petals)
17 petals total.
With hdc petals in the center, curl work into a spiral and sew to secure.



Lovely little dress! Merci mille fois for free patterns ❤


And happy hooking!


9 thoughts on “Mais Oui

  1. Paardje

    I’m currently collecting flower patterns for a project. Your pretty carnation is a delightful addition 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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