Break Lace Beautiful Join, Part II



Good Morning, lovelies! It’s that time again. šŸ™‚

I have spent two days rather frantically redoing an earlier afghan.

While I absolutely love the look of the babylovebrand celtic lace join (read my previous post about that here: )

I found that the join would not lay nicely. I think I needed more chains in the corner. I ripped it all out and started fresh.

Since this is a gift for an upcoming event, I needed to finish sooner, rather than later, so I reworked my join and went with something simpler.


It still has the pretty crosses between squares! And a lovely lacy look…I did a round of granny in white (3dc in ea sp), then a round of v-stitch (dc, ch 2, dc) across with a (3dc, ch 2 3dc) in the corners.

The next round was a bit trickier, but ended up being a double v-stitch (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) in the ch 2 sp, then a single dc in the next ch 2 sp, repeat across, then (3dc, ch FIVE, 3dc) for the corners.

For joining the squares I used a sc instead of the ch 2 in the v-stitch/shell to join to the ch 2 sp of the opposing square.

It’s working!

I can’t wait to finish joining and start playing with the edge. Something with wide, lacy shells, for certain.

Here are my happy piles of squares for joining:



Coming along…just 8 of 30 squares to go, as of this morning…



A close-up center shot…


and more pretty pink– I just love these six-colored granny squares! I have another project in mind involving TWENTY-round grannies, next šŸ™‚

–stay tuned! And happy hooking šŸ˜€


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