Everlasting Edging



A day in the life…


Hello and Happy Tues…er, Wednesday! It’s May. Those of you with dance recitals and awards banquets and class field trips know just what I am talking about. I’ve learned that when I flip the calendar from April that I shan’t take a breath ’til June.

And so it is.

Here is my latest lovely.

Isn’t it just the best (speaking as a highly creative person) when a customer says, “Make what you like, I know it will be great!”

Just my favorite kind of order!!!

So I got to spend several delightful hours browsing Pinterest, Ravelry and Google, ohhing and ahhing over whatever caught my eye.


The order was for a pretty, soft, not-pink baby blanket. YAY!

The pattern is simple and scrumptious, a fabulous combination, and can be found here: http://moderngracedesign.blogspot.ca/2012/09/baby-blanket-free-pattern.html


It is SO, SO soft. I am using Bernat Baby Softee in yellow and a 5mm hook (my favorite). I used a 3.5mm at first, but the blanket was positively STIFF. It worked up like a cloud with the switch to the 5mm.


The color differences in the pictures are amazing, as I promise I took them just a few feet apart from each other.


Now about the edging…

It gave me some trouble. It was my own fault.

First, a row of sc to stabilize it.

Then some pretty shells (3dc, ch 2, 3dc) with a dc in between.


It looks nice here, doesn’t it? This picture got quite a few likes on the Facebook page. But really, it had a fatal flaw. See the slight bowing below? I was short about 30% of the stitches in the foundation row. Trying to ensure it lay flat, I overdid my stitch reduction, errrrgh.



So as much as I loved the edge, I ripped it all out, and redid it with three SC stitches per cluster instead of two.


I also wanted to add a ribbon weave. Have you seen those?


So pretty… now a row of HDC to lay the foundation for the weaving row.


I’m using #9 satin yellow ribbon. The row below is the one I will weave the ribbon through. It is a trphdc…have you ever heard of such a thing? The dc was too short for the ribbon width, but a trp was MUCH too tall for the soft, fine yarn. So I fudged a stitch in between! YO twice, insert hook and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops, YO and pull through THREE= TRPHDC

A little quirky, but the stitch is just right for my ribbon width.


I shall keep you updated. đŸ™‚ I DO know how to tie a perfect bow. Perhaps I shall share my secret…

Have a blessed week, and a special blessing on all the mothers, past, present and future. May you have a lovely day.

Update: all finished and delivered!



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