Sweet Little Reticule


My sweet niece had her First Communion recently. Since I love pretty things, I so enjoyed seeing her and all the darling girls in their lovely dresses and veils. She is a little shy, so it was more of a chore for her than it would be for some(!) to go up in front of all those people.

She did very well, and looked just as lovely and proper as can be.

Being the crafty sort, and loving lace as I do, I couldn’t resist making her a little something for her wedding-like get up. I was glad to finish in time for her special day!

I started with the idea of a little old-fashioned handbag. I like the coin-purse type with a fancy clasp, but the pricing on those clasps is outrageous since they are so popular right now. Thus a drawstring variety it was!

First a simple circle for the base. Then a pretty shell stitch lace chart for the sides.


Ooo, I almost forgot to mention the beads!

I haven’t crocheted with beads in ages. But I remembered the trick I used last time: a small loop of thread through the sewing needle, then the yarn through the thread. It works a trick for stringing those beads onto the yarn.

Another tip: always string more than you think you’ll need, and before you start. 🙂
I loaded up my thread with a hundred.
I used some lovely white cotton I’ve been saving for something special.


Once I crocheted the column as tall as I wanted, I finished it off and wove my ends.

I had planned to perhaps sew a lining, but I do prefer crochet to sewing, so ended up reattaching my thread to the base and crocheting one in double crochet.

It worked up quickly!


The lining did come out a bit wider than the lace, I think next time I would use fewer stitches on the inside, but I was a bit short of time on this one.


Lovely, lovely lace. ❤


A quick weave of ribbon through the top and a little purse finished, just that quick!


Such a lovely day spent with family to celebrate.
May we have many more!

Happy Tuesday! My your yarn slide smoothly and free of tangles…


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