Horton the Hoot Owl


Hello, hello and happy Tuesday!

It is a gorgeous seventy degrees (my exact favorite temperature) and we have just returned from a brisk stroller walk– all over town! Lovely, lovely day.

As promised, I have a friend to introduce today. Everybody loves owls, it seems, and I had a request for a purple one! It was sweetly simple, and he turned out soooo adorably, don’t you think?


First, I crocheted a rectangle twice as tall as I wanted. Added a few stripes toward one end to accent his belly. Folded it in half, whipstitched the edges and stuffed him to plumpness.

His eyes are made of two circles, one black/purple and the other white. I sewed them together, then sewed them to the body.

His beak is a little heart, and his feet are made of shell stitches.

Tassels on the corners make his ears, and for his wings…well, I winged it (hee hee), making a half circle shape and then sewing them at a slight angle to the sides.


Such a fun little project, and in just a few hours.

His new little owner was delighted.


Sweet sleeping babe. And happy Horton! He was glad to go to his forever home.

Although he might look like an owl, he isn’t much for the out-of-doors. 😀




Happy hooking! May your yarn feed evenly and free of tangles. 😉

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