Break Lace


It’s a lovely day, and spring break to boot. No school for the children, and no work for me, or just a different kind, as the regulars don’t come but the cousins do! We’ve had an Easter egg hunt, eaten the candy and pocketed the coins, made gems with nail polish, cut dragonflies from paper, played baby dolls, store and superheroes, ridden bikes, scooters swings and been to the park.

All with little or no help from me! I’m nursing a headcold from the welcoming cushions of my couch.

More time to crochet, even if my head does ache. This is the second time I’ve tried this join, and it’s coming along much better than the last time, a couple years ago, if I remember right.

First I made six-color, six-round granny squares in Caron Simply Soft with an E (3.5mm) hook. Sewed the ends in, too! 🙂

Tricky to get all the color combinations without repeating: once I finished round four, I used the little snipped tails from previous squares to lay out the last two rounds of color. Worked well, too! Much less frogging.

I had the celtic lace join in mind from the beginning:

My squares are smaller than hers, so I knew there would be some adjusting of stitch counts.

Getting started:



I was excited to join two squares! It was late by the time I finished, but I had to do at least one join…


I didn’t like it. Too many stitches in the third round of edging. Not nearly “lacy” enough. But by then it was imperative to sleep, especially with not feeling well.

I woke this morning planning stitch counts in my head! Should I reduce the number of dc in the shells in round three, or make fewer V’s in round two?


Five V stitches instead of six won out!

Now to join four squares and make the pretty celtic cross in the center…
Foiled! I missed a joining stitch with the purple square!

Can you see it? By then a lunch break was desperately needed to strengthen me for more frogging. I was so concerned I might have to redo the last round on ALL FOUR SQUARES.

Fortunately, using my handy-dandy stitch markers, I was able to catch the stray loops and only had to undo one side of two squares.

This was the moment of truth…would it look as nice as her pictures???


And there it was. A lovely, lacy Celtic cross. So appropriate for beautiful Holy Week.

Now to redo two of the final rounds again, sigh…as I did the blanket edge join on all four sides. O.o


Going to mark two of those with yarn…to keep track. 🙂
Have a lovely week. May you be blessed by the true meaning of the resurrection. ❤

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