Terrific Tuesday


Life’s pace has slowed just enough that I can catch my breath. I am deeply grateful for the reprieve, no matter how slight.

And I am happy to report that I have been a good girl, making headway on some of my incomplete projects mentioned last time.

Mr. Dinosaur is finished and off to his new home.

I did a few more round on the crochet crowd mystery CAL.

I made a squirrel hat, but despised it and have decided to completely rethink the design.
(DH thought it was an aardvark. Thus began the color debate…are squirrels brown? Red brown? Gray? Black? It is a difficult conundrum.)

In the meantime, a baby gift was needed. Of course I would much rather start a new project than finish one!

My perimeters:
*thick yarn that would work up quickly
*a corner or center start design so I didn’t have to guess at the length of my starting chain
*baby boy colors πŸ™‚

And the result: a square baby blanket finished in an evening!



See the little hand? πŸ™‚ It is so amazingly soft. ❀ And the perfect size to swaddle an infant.
I used four skeins.

Made with the corner-to-corner stitch and a border of sc, ch-1. (Sc, ch-1, sc) in the corners.

Free pattern here:

I started using an N hook as recommended on the yarn label, but found the stitches much too tight and the resulting blanket too stiff. The softness of the yarn was lost, so I switched to a P hook and was much happier with retaining the cloud-like feel!

And in family news, my darling daughters have been busy with a few spring-like projects of their own. πŸ™‚

Daughter number two industriously turned up the garden soil –and begged to begin planting– with the suddenly warmer weather a week or two ago. She was quite unhappy when I assured her the rule in this part of the country is, “Plant after Mother’s Day.” She discover the wisdom in that adage this week when temperatures dropped again, as they are wont to do. Yesterday, it did this:




Snowfall on our outdoor toys is a bit disheartening! We were just using them yesterday…oh, the poor sidewalk chalk. But mama knew best. πŸ™‚

Mama also knew the secret to any kind of garden at this lattitude and brought home a seed-starter greenhouse for her eager thumb. Daddy received free seeds at work (even better!) and I just love the retro packaging…


Oh, bliss. She had a lovely morning, planting indoors!

Daughter number three busied herself with some baking, clever girl.



Sugar cookie dough and a little food coloring made pretty spring flowers. Soon we shall be enjoying real ones!

Off to do some sewing! πŸ™‚ Or perhaps another round or two on my Sophie. ❀

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