Woebegone WIPS


Today is all about unfinished business.
Crochet business, that is.
And a new design! New designs are what cause the WIPS, by the by…

Today I shall confess my WIPs (work-in-progress) and UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). 😀
And unashamedly tell you there are many, many more than these…easily a couple hundred…

Some have just a few stitches or ends to go.
Some were an idea that crashed and burned.
Some just fell by the wayside during circumstantial interruptions, forgotten and lost.

I am hoping you can help motivate me to finish a few…I do hate to weave ends…and get them out of here, creating much needed space!

First, celebrating success:
This guy went out today! I hope he gets squished, and drooled on, and loved until he is “real.” Blessings to that sweet new baby and his rejoicing family. ❤

And here is the progress on my latest design!:
A customer request (oh, I just love those)
and creation success…

First the body


Then a few bits

And the pieces completed, just wanting some sewing

Can you tell what he is? I used these web photos for inspiration:

So much fun!

Now onto my pile of shame 😉
Here are just a few of my pendings WIPS.

Baby doll top design from last summer, just needs a little sewing and some buttons

My darling’s snowflake afghan, wanting a fleece back and those ends sewn

FOUR baby cardigans that must be finished before the little tykes outgrow them 🙂
Pattern here:



My lovely v-stitch…again, the ends
Pattern here:

The african flower hexie afghan…more ends…

I’m sensing a theme here. Those loose ends! Guess I better pick up my needle.

But first, I must give you a peek at this week’s rows on the Sophie.

So beautiful!

And here with one (of a dozen!) reasons those ends aren’t getting sewn. ❤

Toddlers climbing everywhere…and what else shall I do than make sure they are properly supervised? Then the teens need a loving ear. The rest need snuggles, new socks and help fixing their bikes…well, there isn’t much left of me at the end of the day, now is there?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Quiet evenings alone with my dearheart will come soon enough.
And my guess is we will spend most of them reminiscing. ❤

Happy hooking!

2 thoughts on “Woebegone WIPS

  1. Your WIP’s are beautiful. And the ends can be such a pain, which is why I am so glad that I have to do photos after each round, which means tails have to be worked away as I go! Otherwise all my WIP’s would remain WIP’s.

    • It is an honor to hear from you, Dedri! 🙂 Your Sophie patterns are amazing and you are so kind to answer questions and help people with the pattern on facebook. The crochet along has been such a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your designs!

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