Stunning Sophie, Part II


It’s looking good!

The weekend was a bit full– more than I like– but it was well worth the time.

My lovely 13-year-old performed a solo and duet in a district school competition and we spent the day together, along with my sweet mother. I so enjoyed hearing the promising student vocalists and musicians! Our school was well-represented and I am grateful for such a quality music program in our quite-rural area.

A smile, despite the nerves, just before singing:

After a day away, the youngest was wishing for some mama time. As much as I longed to pick up my hook, an eye to the clock said bedtime (and quiet crochet solitude bliss for this mama) was a scant hour away. So I acquiesced her childish request and here we are, “playing clowns ” with Sophie.


She did a fair job with the make-up! No complaints from me. 🙂
And sure enough, I got my time soon after.

As others have said, it doesn’t do to work on Sophie when you are tired. Too many crucial stitch counts! So I did a bit, and then went to bed early…three days in a row!

She is growing so prettily.

Here we have the sought after Blue Hawaii to finish part 4:

And then my favorite round to date, the TULIPS:



Oh, it makes my heart hurt to look at her! That queer ache of pain when something is just a bit too lovely…

At this point the colorway decisions became a challenge again. Where to go next with the pallette?

Time for the blues and greens, but first, white petals for contrast.


And just for fun, the back…messy ends everywhere! I am really very naughty not to weave them in at intervals. 🙂 The directions even include suggested weaving points!

Now another row of tulips, and a little yellow sunshine to set them off:

And decision-time! I need to plan the color scheme for the next few rows.
The pattern has been released through part 9 and I am just finishing up part 6, but no worries, I will get there!

Here is the link if you would like it. The color combinations of the myriads of folks creating a Sophie of their own are beyond stunning. Check out the ravelry and facebook links to see them all.

Just finished those pink tulips moments ago!

A few pending projects– a squirrel hat, dinosaur softie, pink flower baby sandals and two toddler cardigans, among other things!

Life is never dull.

Sophie’s Universe is such a lovely pattern…looking forward to an evening of crochet!

And a quiet upcoming weekend for the first time in ages…contended sigh.
Happy hooking!

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