Pretty Edging– Free Pattern


Hello, hello and happy Tuesday!

Just a little something for you today…a pretty, simple edging pattern to use on most anything…


My stripey sweater needed a touch more “girly-ness”, so here it is!


Pretty Scalloped Edge
Row 1: sc in each stitch around. 3 sc in corners.
Row 2: hdc in each st around. 3 hdc in each corner.
Row 3: shell (4 hdc) in next st, skip stitch, sc, skip st. Repeat around.
Row 4: sc in first two st of shell, ch 2, sc in next two st, make extended sc (into row 1) btw each shell.

Note: for my sweater I used purple in rows 1 and 2, green for row 3 and blue on row 4.


That’s all for now! I have a mountain of paperwork and filing to do, and so many crochet projects calling to me…




Happy hooking!


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