Cardis Everywhere


And a happy Tuesday to you!

There is no more sun than a week ago, but a bit of snow has brightened things up considerably and I have pictures!

My latest obsession? A free cardigan pattern from ravelry:

I am in love!

First, I used the sport yarn the pattern calls for, but with my favorite 5mm hook.

I made the first ten rows as written, then chose my favorite lace to finish the body. Instead of a 0-3 mos size cardigan, I have a 9 mos in pretty spring colors for my sweet twins! They need a bit of finishing, but here we are so far:

I am nearly out of yarn, I may need to use something else for the edging…

I experiented with worsted weight next, which has given me a 12 mos size, about a 22 inch chest.

I ran out of red, of course–a soft specialty yarn, so nice–, but I rather like the grey–leftover from MY cardigan…perhaps a hood, as well as sleeves? Or an initial…

Now that I’ve finished my busy weekend, perhaps I can hook that second sleeve!

The sweet little boy the red cardi is intended for has a special little lady in his life…with a vibrant spirit! So here is hers, as we have it to this point:

I just love lots of color! Weaving the ends, not so much 🙂 but they will get tucked in eventually…

Isn’t it marvelous what can be done with one simple pattern?

A man-size is next…a 22 inch chest becomes 44 if I double the pattern, yes? I may up the hook size to 6mm just to make certain it fits through the shoulder.

There will be some fpdc in that one, stay tuned!

Time to actually finish these…have a lovely day. ❤

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